Always Quit

Aug 29th, 2018

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Always Quit

Thanks to everyone who replied to yesterday’s email wishing me and my family well, always appreciated!

Between the funeral yesterday and closing Enniskillen now on Friday I suppose I am in one of those sort of philosophical moods we all get in now and again.

Even last week I sort of had this email planed in my head.

You see this all the time, pure nonsense

Never Quit

Keep Going

Don’t Give Up

But when you actually listen to these people on Podcasts or interviews etc they quit all the time.

Depending on their goals etc they constantly quit a diet that they eventually realise is stupid, they quit a training program that isn’t getting them anywhere, they quit a job they hate etc

While we shouldn’t give up on our goals the method we use to get there can change dramatically as we go. (Click here to find out The Biggest Reason Why People Can’t Achieve Their Goals)

And of course even our goals change greatly as we go.

Up to 2 years ago I always thought I would love to be involved with Football teams coaching them and doing their fitness etc at a reasonably high level

now you couldn’t drag me out to do it!

Clones underage in years to come be the height of it.

Things you should constantly be assessing and giving up on are

Give up on things that don’t serve you

Give up on things that you constantly put great effort into but receive nothing in return

Give up on bad relationships with people that don’t respect you or appreciate you,

and of course, give up on that crazy diet you found online and that crazy training program that instead of making you feel great about yourself is making you feel like a sack of shit!

Now of course knowing when you should quit and when you just need to be more patient with something is the tricky bit

as anything worth doing takes time.

And patience is the 1 thing I find people lack when it comes to being successful in anything. (Click here to find out about Aggressive Patience)

​​​​​​​That’s why it’s always important to educate yourself as best as possible on any given topic.

For me the simple way to know when to quit is to ask myself if I have given this my all

Is there any more I could of possibly done to save this situation

and when I know I have done all I can then I know it’s time to pull the pin.

So while some people may think I love putting a lot of money and blood, sweat and tears into a gym for 4 years to then just pull the pin for the craic

I don’t!

You should always be ready to quit the things that are dragging down your energy and enthusiasm

As was reinforced to me again this week,

Life is just to damn short!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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