Sometimes this is Great

Aug 8th, 2018

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Sometimes this is Great

I was listening to an interesting Podcast the other day where the guy was saying we need more stress in our lives and more things to get us excited/ nervous about

I’ve always found this to be very true and we can always be in such a rush to get comfortable. (Click here to find out why you Shoukd Create New Problems)

I know this is all very cheesy and may as well be a dumbass motivational talk on FB or Instagram but it’s still something to think about.

If you don’t take a few risks now and again you will never get ahead, but there’s a massive difference between a calculated risk and simply just rolling the dice.

Sometimes, or even a lot of the time, taking on some pressure is the only way to get past boundaries.

Taking on challenges is what makes life fun and exciting rather than just going through day to day, week to week…

And sometimes you have to do like this member and frighten the life out of yourself:

Hi darragh
Iv been meaning to email you. I
finished the 6 week programme at the end of June. I was very apprehensive I would be able to keep up apart from a bit of evening walking my fitness was extremely poor.

I seen the program advertised on fbook and was intreged if been a slimming world member for a while but was at a stand still with weight loss.

I called in one day to dutchy and frightened the life out of myself but I decided to give it my best shot and I did. I went 4 days a week and lost 14lb weighing on my own scales and the slimming w scales. and inches of my chest and tummy.

I have much better sleep pattern. More energy and can keep up with our teenage daughters!!

It’s a fantastic programme and have recommend it to lots of people.

The instructors are all very good.

I have bought a card to do me for summer but when I get back into routine in Sept I will see what’s the best route for me with the card or monthly subscription.

But of course this was a calculated risk.

This member had seen and heard enough about us to know that we would take great care of her.

So do your homework and then bet big!

Think Big And Kick Ass



You probably received an email about this already yesterday but we are giving 5 people the chance for this really good deal of 12 month’s membership for €600.

3 people took us up on it yesterday so now we have just 2 spots remaining.

This will be membership for just €50 a month and €3.84 a class if you are attending 3 a week, do 4 or 5 a week and it’s a seriously good deal, stupidly good in fact.

But with closing Enniskillen and opening next door I have worked myself into a little corner that I need to get out of

So my problem is your gain.

Just click on the relevant link and when we hit 2 more people we will be taking the link down.

Cavan –

Dundalk –

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