The Importance of Recovery

Aug 31st, 2018

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The Importance of Recovery

So today is the last ever day of Dutchys Fitness Enniskillen.

Have spoken enough about it at this stage but I hope to be down in the morning to see the morning group then it will be over to Cavan to oversee operations for the PT studio being set up.

So will be a hectic weekend coming up but more on all that later.

For now I will reply to this email I received last week

Just an idea for an email;

but I’ve been knackered this week!

Did a couple of Dutchies last week then went for a pretty tough hike in around the Cooley peninsular on Sunday – really hot and humid.

Legs have been tired all week – did a Dutchy Mon, Wednesday and Thursday, but legs just couldn;t shake the fatigue out of them.

What’s the best way to recover, and do you need “rest days”?

(Click here to find out The Importance of Active Rest)

Now there can be a variety of reasons for this.

If your just back from holidays and go straight into all then it can hit you a few days later.

Your sleeping patterns will have a massive effect on everything so always make sure to think back to how you have been sleeping the past week or 2 and have you been getting enough.

Your diet, have you been eating enough of the right stuff or have you been eating poor foods choices and going on the lash at weekends.

Hydration levels, you know you need enough H20 to keep you going. (For The Many Benefits of Water Click here)

And maybe it’s even just your fitness levels.

When you start a program your enthusiasm can be great for the first few weeks or even months.

But then people can hit a wall and wonder what is going on

And it can simply be a matter of any of the above.

Rest days are always important and use them to just get some walking in and be active, without actually having a workout!

As the experts always say, it’s away from the gym when your muscles are actually getting stronger and making improvements.

Hitting the pool or a good bath can help to relax the muscles and also help you sleep better that night I find.

Always good to get a good massage at some stage as well to loosen out those tight muscles.

So if you are feeling run down it can be any of the above

Like everything in fitness it’s not a simple Black & White answer of

Do this and all your problems will go away

You have to think about what you are lacking and see what might help you most.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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