What’s the best €100 you ever spent?

Aug 13th, 2018

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What’s the best €100 you ever spent?

Money is such a touchy subject and people get so defensive about it and carry so many myths about it throughout their lives!

Just like the myths people carry about Fitness & Health, these myths lead to them making life so much harder for themselves long term.

The great one we always hear is that people can’t afford our products, even €99 for 6 Weeks.

Of course there are people genuinely struggling out there but 9 times out of 10 it is complete BS.

6 Weeks at €99 comes to about €16.50 a week.

You can bet your bottom dollar, if you can afford to bet it of course, that these people are spending WAAAAY more than that weekly on alcohol, ciagrettes, shopping and any other amount of pointless drivel just so they can “keep up with the Joneses” or give it the big one to their buddies.

But that’s neither here nor there as I have no intention of trying to persuade these people round to my way of thinking as that’s never going to happen,

my job is attract the type of people that already have the brains to figure this sort of stuff out for themselves.

Like this bad ass member right here:

Hi darragh . Just a quick email to say I am on a high .. just left the class after getting weighed and measured .. 24lb down and 12 inches!! I can only say I think it’s the best €100 I ever spent.. did I do that in 6 weeks NO but am I glad I stayed for the 6 months. To me it was never about the scales.. it was about feeling better in myself .. climbing those stairs.. getting in and out of the car!! sleeping better .. and yes buying the jeans that are 3 sizes smaller than January!!!! And that over all feeling of feeling good .. I can’t say enough about the motivation that is given to each member at every class. The trainers are so focused and push us to give it our all..The feeling that each member is helping each other on whether is the hello when we head in the door or the laugh we have when the class is over . It’s the feeling that everyone is welcome .. doesn’t matter if your fit or unfit when you start ..we all want the same thing to improve every class and to feel better.. that’s what we get at Dutchys.. definately staying on..

There is no price you can put on those things,

Feeling better about yourself,

Sleeping better,

and of course shifting nearly 2 stone and 12 inches is always pretty bad ass.

Nothing is more important than your physical and mental health, Nothing!

And you may get 5 minutes pleasure from that new bag or new car but that feeling soon disappears.

I constantly pay for various products that I think will improve the business or my knowledge of things to improve the business.

These are investments to improve my skill set and create a better run business for myself, the staff and all the members.

Cause if I win, everyone wins!

It’s only through the success of the business we can run more classes for example, which in turns means extra work for the staff and more options on our timetable for members.

This will never happen through thinking small and seeing every transaction as an expense! (Click here to find out Why you Shouldn’t talk Big Ideas To Small Minds)

As today is Monday it’s always important to get the week started on the right foot so get in for your workout today.


Think Big And Kick Ass



Any requests for questions I should answer on the Facebook Videos or exercises/ stretches to show be sure to let me know.


I wrote this email on Saturday as I knew I would be away all day Sunday up and down from Croke Park.

So as you read this Monaghan will either be getting ready for their first All Ireland Final in 88 years or we will have to watch them Tyrone muppets rolling about the floor every time they take a tackle.

Either way,

Up da Farney Army!!

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