Fake News

Sep 5th, 2018

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Fake News

Normally I save these emails for a little bit of inspiration and Fitness/ Health advice

but we just have so much going on at the minute that I’m using this morning’s email as a bit of a News update for everyone in the Cavan and Dundalk facilities.

But this is straight up truths, no Fake News round here!

From the Feedback we received Monday and just how everything went we couldn’t have got off to a better start with Dutchy’s Fitness Cavan 3.0

We also had our busiest day yet in Dundalk so when driving home Monday evening I felt well chuffed to be honest!

Been targeting this week since about May time so it’s great when a plan comes together but as we all know as soon as we get happy with ourselves there is a kick in the arse coming up right around the corner so I better stay on my toes for that one.

The only thing was that the 7AM in Cavan was quieter than we thought it would be so just in case you don’t know about it, make sure to note that there are now 6AM and 7AM on Monday morning’s in Cavan

We are also starting to take names for the Dundalk Platinum that is to start on the 1st of October.

Times will be 6AM to 7AM, 7AM to 8AM, 11:30AM to 12:30AM and then 8PM to 9PM on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

The idea is that you do them 2 Strength sessions on those days and then do the classes on the other days as often as you like, some people might only do 1 class on top of the 2 Platinum’s while other might do 2 or 3.

If you are genuinely interested in any of those slots then get back to me ASAP

We are looking for just 6 people in each slot so 24 people total and that’s all we can take.

I also mentioned about Pay As Go Personal Training and we got some interest in Dundalk as well.

So if you have been a member for 3 month’s or longer you can now do PAYG PT in either facility. The reason we moved away from PAYG was because people we’re very flaky and messing about but hopefully if you are a member and actually putting in the effort then you won’t let us down on the PT’s.

It’s a great chance to work on whatever weak area you have and do some extra weight training, Cardio training, improve your mobility or whatever your goals might be.

So you can contact me here about that or mention it to one of the trainer’s.

So in a nutshell,

I love it when a plan comes together. A lot of the time Patience is the only thing holding us back from making progress and getting what we want, we just have to stick to the plan and trust the process.

If you are a member for 3 month’s or more you can contact us about Pay As You Go Personal Training, €50 for an hour, €25 for 30 minutes

If you want to get involved in the 12 Week Get Lean Project in Dundalk starting on 1st of October to take you right up to Xmas then let me know ASAP

Hope that’s enough to get ya thinking on this fine Wednesday morning 🙂

Think Big And Kick Ass


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