Gael Force Morons

Sep 19th, 2018

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Gael Force Morons

If you are on Twitter you probably seen the videos of reporters reporting on the recent Storms in America.

2 clips I seen where one guy is trying to stand but is pushing against this apparent Gael force wind blowing against him.

While it does seem blustery, 2 dudes just casually stroll past him in the background having no issues at all.

The second video is a woman reporting from a small boat/ dingy type yoke giving the impression that the waters are 6 odd foot high and it’s a disaster zone.

Then 3 or 4 people walk in front of her with the water just above their ankles or around their shins.

They got some abuse on the ole Social Media but was a good laugh!

The problem with this sort of stuff is that so much of what the media puts out there has to be taken with a pinch of salt and there is usually an agenda somewhere. (Click here to find out about The Death of Joy by Social Media)

The articles from the likes of the Daily Mail that are alway’s attention grabbing headlines giving unbelievably stupid fitness advice that god only knows where they get from.

People who watch the News to much can always point out to some disaster that happened and see the negative point of view

You tell them an idea that can work and they will tell you of some dude that tried it and died or “lost everything” or something dramatic.

The sensationalism from the media is now everywhere with Social Media so popular and it’s no wonder people are comparing themselves to other’s constantly and bringing themselves down.

Remember we only see people’s “Highlight Reel” on Social Media and never the full story.

Couldn’t be good for your Mental Health seeing to much of this stuff,

especially if your a bit green and buy into all of this.

Which takes me to a program that I was asked to promote in the Cavan facility

I have been approached about a Mental Health initiative called the Community Health Plan 2018.

It is a free program where they will look at all aspects of your Health from drinking, smoking and of course Mental Health.

Ray and Michael are coming in tomorrow morning at 10:15 in the facility to meet with anyone interested in learning a bit more.

Be there for tomorrow ( Thursday ) at 10:15 in the facility.

We picked this time as it’s handy for people either before or after the morning classes to meet with the lads so would be great if you can pop in and show support.

And even if you are a non member, don’t be afraid to pop in if you want.

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