Let’s Goooooooooooo

Sep 3rd, 2018

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Let’s Goooooooooooo

If you watch American Football, which of course you most likely don’t, then you know that my man crush, Tom Brady’s, favourite saying before a big game to get himself fired up is (Click here to find out why Tom Brady is the GOAT)

Let’s Goooooo

And that’s sort of how I feel on this first Monday of September!

And its also fitting as the new American Footie season kicks off this Thursday.

Dutchys Cavan 3.0 is kicking off today and I’m fired up to get started.

After all the talk and plotting and planing all summer it’s finally here and now please God it will be a success and everyone enjoys it.

And for you Dundalk folks we will be introducing the Platinum/ 12 Week Get Lean Project come end of September/ start of October so stay tuned for that.

We just wanted to focus on getting our classes built up first and build up a bit of word about ourselves so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

For now Cavan folks be sure to note,

6AM classes are now on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursdays and NOT, I repeat NOT, on Fridays as some seem to have thought for some reason.

Fridays don’t be that busy and just be nice numbers so no need for any more sessions.

Also, there is now 4:00 everyday so Tuesdays and Thursdays are now added to the schedule.

I hope you are as fired up for the winter months as I am and ready to see out the year with 4 big months of meeting your goals and kicking some ass.

While Mondays can be tough to get going they are always are busiest day of the week and the new 6AM and 7AM classes should hopefully help to balance out our numbers even more again.

A lot of work and effort has went into all this and has been a busy wkend as well setting all up so I hope you like the new set up and be sure to let me know your thought’s.

Good and bad it always give us something to think about and try to improve.

With 38 sessions a week and the small group training and Personal Training next door I feel we can cater for anybody at any level of Fitness and really improve on what we already do.

Big focus on the 2 locations now and improving on what we do.

Be sure to remember


And just in case ya need that extra bit of help then here is just 60 seconds of Mr.Brady getting pumped up…

Think Big And Kick Ass



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