Lost 7 inches but no weight?

Sep 28th, 2018

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Lost 7 inches but no weight?

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the dude was talking about how it took him 7 years to get to a reasonably solid position in his career/ business.

And he was thinking to himself imagine if he tried to sell the

7 Year’s to Success Program

and how it would bomb and no one would buy it because everyone wants success now and we want things instant,

we fall for the sexy thing of the moment.

Imagine me trying to sell

The 2 Year Fitness Program: Do these simple steps for 2 straight year’s to make the Progress you want

It’s hard enough getting people to stick to a 12 week program or even 6 Weeks by times.

So that’s why it’s alway’s great to see when people understand they are only starting out and these things take time,

Like this new member:

Hi Darragh, can you send me info on how to join for a month? I’m coming to the end of my 6 week transformation programme this week which I throughly enjoyed & has got me back into exercise post baby no.4. So obviously very busy but because of the great times I could fit in 3-4 classes a week. (With thanks to the Granny for babysitting & partner for waiting until I got home after 7am class)!!!!. Although not too many pounds off I understand this is not going to happen while doing a lot of exercise & increasing protein intake. But just goes to show I’ve 2 inches off my waist, 3 off my chest and 1 3/4 off my thighs. And last weekend was so chuffed I was back in some jeans comfortably that wasn’t able to button 6 weeks ago. I’m eating a lot healthier but nothing too crazy so I can fit it into home life. Just eating the right stuff but still having a wee treat @ end of all the hard work all week
It definitely helps by being organised & having some batches of food prepped & taking my lunch bag everywhere with fruit/rice cakes etc for snacks so I won’t grab unhealthy snacks. So have highly recommended your programme to friends & have had 1 or 2 join so far. Thanks to the great instructors also who really keep you going during classes even when you want to give up.

So nearly 7 inches off yet the weight didn’t move much.

This happens so often and is why you don’t want to be obsessing over the scales. (Click here to read about When the Scales Don’t Move)

There are so many variables that come into play and so many ways to see progress other than the scales so while it is obviously always good to know what’s going on,

Don’t let it consume you.

On another note I received this message from a Cavan member who is doing the 12 Week Get Lean Project:

Will there be another 12 weeks GLP, when this one finishes?

Can’t believe how much I am enjoying the classes to miss one drives me cracked​​​​​​​

Went running Saturday and Sunday couldn’t believe the difference the classes have made to my core and over all strength! Delighted 🙂

And yes,

Like the classes we plan to run the 12 Week program all year round.

And now you Dundalk folks get to experience this program.

But due to our space we can only take on 24 people and are now down to our last few spaces.

So this is officially your last chance to book your spot before we start this coming Monday the 1st of October.

Just reply to this email if you would like to nab your spot.

And of course,

Have a great wkend 🙂

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