Ray Bans, Fighter Pilots and Counting Calories

Sep 21st, 2018

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Ray Bans, Fighter Pilots and Counting Calories

Myself and Lorraine are down in Cork here since Wednesday taking care of some wedding stuff such as getting fitted for the dress and trying on shoes

All of which I have been very excited about!!

So luckily enough we seemed to have missed the mayhem caused by the latest storm so hopefully as we head back up the road later today all will be back to normal.

Wednesday was also the first day we had more people through our doors in Dundalk than in Cavan, while some of you in Cavan might have been kept in cause of the weather it’s still great to see Dundalk building up.

Long way to go and as learnt from Enniskillen you never know what way thing’s will work going forward but we’re feeling confident and there’s a great vibe in the session’s, similar to the Cavan facility so hopefully that can continue


Did you know that following the Top Gun film classic, where Tom Cruise is a young Flighter Jet Pilot and general Bad Ass

The sales of Ray Ban sunglasses as worn by Cruise’s character went up by 30%

And recruitment for the Air Force and Navy shot through the roof.

Similar to the Impact Conor Mc Gregor had on the fashion sense of young men across Ireland and also why a lot of people, young people especially, have took up MMA in a bid to emulate their idol.

Which goes to show how quick we all are to be cool and to fit in with the cool kids

Similar to when an economy is going well everyone wants to

“Keep up with Joneses”

Until it all goes belly up which seems to always be inevitable as these things go round in circles.

Which takes me to the ever evolving “cool trends” in the Fitness industry.

There does be that many it can be hard to keep up and they all get their “15 minutes of fame” until people realise what a lot of BS they are. (Click here to find out How to Tell who is Full of BS in the Fitness Industry)

1 cool trend now is to become a Blogger or “Social Influencer” that all the cool kids want to jump on board for and it’s pretty cringe bomb to watch.

At least some people on Social Media are fighting the good fight and making some progress…

Some people are pushing the notion that things such as

Eating good food 80% of the time

Doing weight training combined with decent cardio

Tracking, or at least having a good idea, of what your calories are

And above else



Consistency (Click here to find out How to be Consistent)

Maybe we need someone to be saying that while wearing raybans and flying a flighter jet

That can be next year’s business growth plan.

For now,

I’ll stick with the emails and our bit on FB to try and get our point across.

Have a good wkend and enjoy it without throwing all your work down the pan.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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We have 4 spots (6AM, 7AM, 11:30AM and 8PM) with a maximum of 6 people in each group.

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