Texts like this make me….

Sep 26th, 2018

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Texts like this make me….

A few weeks back a member text me her great progress 12 weeks after starting with us.

She has lost a lot of weight and inches and is well chuffed with her progress,

and rightly so!

After a few texts she replied with

Be patient, Trust the Process 😉

Of course quoting me!

Which made me all warm and fuzzy and stuff….

It’s great to see people take this approach as it is probably the number 1 thing that causes people to fail in their Health & Fitness goals and really in any goals we set in life. (Click here to find out about Aggressive Patience)

It’s always easy to stick to things when the going’s good and we are seeing the progress but when we hit that wall and it look’s like climbing it will never happen

Well that’s when the shit hits the fan and “Trusting the Process” goes out the window.

The Diet you have stuck so well to goes down the tubes as you binge for 3 days straight

The money you have been saving away to buy “that house” gets blown on some spur of the moment BS.

Not sure if you have heard the term “Reverse Dieting” before,

This is basically when you are trying to undo the damage to your body from years of starving yourself and doing BS diets.

People’s Metabolism can be totally out of whack and it leaves it very hard for them to get to the weight they want while training and dieting sensibly.

I was listening to a Podcast last week and 1 guy was saying he had a client on his program that slowly gained weight for 18 straight months before losing the weight she wanted and finally getting the results she wanted.

She just put absolute trust in her trainer and stuck it out.

I’m not sure how he pulled that one off as we have people jacking it in after 3 weeks or just a few workouts thinking

“This isn’t doing me any good”

And I personally would struggle to stick something out that long as well but it goes to show

Pretty much everything we aim to achieve takes a hell of a lot longer than we anticipate.

Opening the Dundalk facility I have driven the point home to myself that it takes 18 to 24 months to reach solid numbers and have any idea if things are going to be anywhere near successful or not.

There will be ups and downs along the way but it takes at least that amount of time before you really know what’s going on so no matter what happens I’ll be trusting the process and sticking it out.

And it’s always a good reminder when you start to get frustrated,

just remind yourself of how long you are doing it and it is usually a very short time frame!

Of course there will be little tweaks along the way but nothing major,

and it’s vital to stay the course!

Don’t forget that our 12 Week Get Lean Project in Dundalk is starting next Monday the 1st of October!

And the very reason we promote it as a 12 Week Program?

You guessed it,

Because it’s a long enough period of time for people to see enough progress to go

“This actually works, I think I will stick this out!”

Have 1 or 2 people to get back to me today to confirm their spots but we should still have a few spots left so if you are interested then be sure to get back to me ASAP today.

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