Weekends are now for sleeping

Sep 7th, 2018

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Weekends are now for sleeping

So the past 2 weeks have been pretty busy to say the least between poor Granny’s passing, closing one gym, opening another and obviously trying to keep everything ticking along in the classes in Cavan and Dundalk!

In the middle of all that it is club championship and it will all be played out in about 5 weeks and of course I have my first injury in about 3/4 seasons so that is frustrating to say the least!

We have also been trying to re jig our Facebook Ads to keep them fresh and have hit a bit of a nightmare on them

So all in all I will be glad to see this wkend to try and catch up on all and chill out a bit.

I’m not complaining at all and this is what I have signed up for

But the last thing I would ever want to do is give it the big one that it is all plain sailing and I have it all figured out

as we so see much of that on Social Media and even out and about and it’s hard to listen to!

On the good news though it has been a great first week of September in both gym’s with great numbers and our new venture in Cavan has started great.

Myself and Lorraine also got some important marriage stuff done and as December 27th get’s closer and closer every week counts.

I was also in Enniskillen yesterday wrapping up the last few bits and pieces so that is us well and truly and officially done.

And the great thing about this business is you are only ever 1 email away from picking yourself up and getting yourself focused again.

and I received one Wednesday afternoon from this member in Dundalk:

Hi Darragh,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve just finished my 6-week programme and I’m delighted with my progress. Before I started I had tried several gym’s, boot-camps and classes and I have to say none of them have a patch on the classes in Dutchy’s. The difference I feel in 6 weeks is unbelievable, my motivation and energy levels have gone through the roof and I’m a lot happier in myself.

Before I started just going for a small walk seemed like such a big effort but now I’m training 3 or 4 nights a week and the nights I’m not training I’m out running. This would never have happened if it was not for the help and encouragement from all the staff.

Over the 6 weeks I wasn’t strict with my diet and most weekends I had a few drinks and I still managed to lose 2 an ½ pounds, 1 inch on my waist, ½ an inch on my thighs and ¾ inches on my chest.

I never thought I would enjoy training, but now I wake up every day looking forward to getting to the classes.

I would like to thank everyone at Dutchy’s for all their help.

Thank you

It’s always great to see member’s happy with their progress while knowing it’s not all about losing loads of weight, (Click here to read a story about Why You Should Step Away from the Scales)

and also realising that their diet isn’t great and their happy to roll with that!

Instead of some people who still have horrendous diets and then wonder why they arn’t getting anywhere!

Was watching Niall Moyna on the news the other day and there are new stats out about the lack of exercise we are getting as a nation and it’s pretty scary.

Hopefully we can get people understanding that it can actually be fun and can be enjoyed without massive changes being made (To find out Where the Fun Stuff Happens Click here)

But we will always be competing against Media nonsense and GI Joe wannabes for that.

Just have to fight the good fight as best we can!

So have a great wkend and make sure to get some activity in,

I’m gonna be a proper old man and look forward to catching up on my sleep!

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