When did you last do this?

Sep 24th, 2018

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When did you last do this?

It’s in our DNA to resist change and always take the comfortable option.

We love everything to be nice and predictable and anything we’re not sure of we make up little stories in our minds to rationalize it and make sense of it.

But it’s only when we really step into the unknown that we make considerable progress and push ourselves.

And it’s usually takes a certain type of person to point these things out to us.

Such as intelligent people that know what they are talking about or people that we trust to be straight, honest and accurate with us

It’s never hard to get someone’s opinion on something,

it is damn near impossible to get the opinion of someone who has been there done that

and has your best interest’s at heart!

Which is why you want to make sure you are pushing the boundaries a little bit here and there

also why I have had the same business coach since January 2016!

Had a few other guys before that where I learnt some good stuff but they weren’t someone I’d trust long term.

Someone who has no personal emotion to my life or what’s going on but that I can talk strictly business with and get excellent feedback.

it’s always good to ask yourself tough questions when it comes to your training as we see it all the time where people can get comfrotable with what they are doing.

Sometime, rarely, there can be a good medical reason for this.

But most of the time,

it’s just lazyness and complacency! (Click here to read a story about Having 7 Children and still Getting it Done)

What are you doing in your workouts that you have got comfortable at?

Every time you do a KB Swing when was the last time you said

F it

I’m gonna go a little heavier here

When was the last time you tried a tougher variation of push up!

When was the last time you went for a heavier weight on the Squat

You get the idea

This is why it’s important to train with other people and have a coach as often as possible.

​​​​​​​Obviously I may be ridiculously biased here but you and I both know the only time, if ever, you we’re in any decent shape was when you had a coach,

Right or Wrong?

I’ll tell you straight, doing it by yourself NEVER works

I have spoken to so many people over the years and if you think you will do it on your own you are fooling yourself.

We all need people to guide us and push us on,

In every area of our lives. No one has ever achieved anything decent, EVER, without help and support from good people around them.

Take this info and put it to use this week, where are you gonna push the boundaries.


I’m gonna hit the pool an extra time this week and hope to swim a full length without stopping and end up venturing into the deep area where all the big boys and grown ups be.

Wish me luck!!

And remember it’s vital to get the week off to the best possible start.


Think Big And Kick Ass



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