6 ways that impact the weighing scales

Oct 1st, 2018

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6 ways that impact the weighing scales

If you have been reading these email’s for some time now you know I like to put up the success stories to show people what can be done and give you a little motivation and a kick in the right direction.

I have also said that there are plenty of people that don’t get those sort of results after just 6 Week’s.

While it can be very frustrating to be training and dieting hard, making big changes to your lifestyle only to be kicked when your down by seeing the scales not move

or even worse,

move up the way!

And just like any goal we set ourselves and start working towards,

it can be very hard to keep going when you feel as if you are going nowhere,

and we all have days where we feel like we want to jack the whole thing in.

But these are the day’s we must stay strong and battle on

and in order to help you do that here are just a few factors that effect the scales:

Muscle weigh’s more than Fat – or to be more technical, it takes up less space!

If you have never done weight training and now all of a sudden you start, then those flabby bit’s start to tighten up but may not necessarily be “lighter”.

Morning vs evening – There is a huge difference between weighing yourself first thing in the morning to later in the day.

That’s why trainers will say to do it FIRST THING in the morning if you are doing it.

Whereas if you are doing it in with us you may have had a few meals and after a tough workout.

Water Weight. Carbs hold water, therefore increase weight.

And if you have a lot of water on board that is also going to have an impact.

Ever hear of athlete’s dehydrating themselves before a fight?

Obviously this shouldn’t be done by the average Joe and doesn’t really give a clear idea of your weight if your dangerously dehydrated but it sure does effect the scales.

Time of the Month. I would imagine this is pretty obvious as ladies tend to be hungry around this time and hormones imbalances will play their part on the scales.

Previous days activities. Was it a rough wkend and you are weighing yourself on a Monday?

Number 2’s. Again obvious enough I would have thought.

If you digestion is going well and clearing out then it’s obviously going to be better than if you have been clogged up the past 24- 48 hours!

So it’s not always as simple as “This is my weight and that’s it”

When it comes to a few KGs here and there all those factors above play a part,

And you may have a few of them working against you so that surely will be bad news.

Of course the real important factors are the improvement in your health, energy levels, stress levels etc and usually people will feel their clothes looser even if the scales haven’t moved.

And remember how to get the week of to the best possible start


Think Big And Kick Ass


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