Busiest Month EVER

Oct 3rd, 2018

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Busiest Month EVER

I’ll admit it,

This email may come across as a little self indulgent!

But I’m feeling pumped and I hope this helps you in your situation.

The biggest mistake you see most self employed people make is that they know jack all about business and most arn’t willing to learn

Someone loves Fitness and training people so opens a Fitness Facility not having a baldy about business ie. Me

Someone’s great at fixing computer’s but doesn’t have a clue how to run a business so makes life very hard for themself

Someone loves baking but doesn’t have a clue how to run a business so makes life very hard for themself

You get the idea.

But at some point you learn that there is one thing you MUST know,

Your Number’s

And no one likes doing that for the same reason we don’t like doing anything

It’s a pain in the ass!

But only by knowing your numbers can you see trends and really know exactly what’s going on and where you need to improve etc.

This took a few year’s to dawn on me and around January 2015 we thought it would be a good idea to start doing properly and have been tweaking ever since.

So here’s the good news,

The new’s is that September just gone was our busiest month EVER in the Cavan facility and also the busiest month YET in Dundalk.

Which is pretty damn cool if I do say so myself!

Been an up and down year and a big decision to open in Dundalk and then to close the Enniskillen facility later in the year.

A hell of a lot of time and money went into both decisions but we felt it was the best decision going forward for everyone.

And only 1 month in we turn around and have our busiest month’s yet.

While we can’t jump the gun that quick and there’s alway’s plenty more work to do and things to improve on, it’s surely a step in the right direction.

And of course we have to thank you guys for being hard core members and probably even more importantly than that,

bringing in a friend/ family member along the way and helping to spread the word!

Can never Thank You all enough other than trying to help you out any way we can which I would feel we do a good job of.

I remember year’s ago in Cavan we lost a lot of member’s almost overnight who eventually made their way back slowly but surely

But it taught me to never take the foot off the gas and if things are going well all the more reason to keep pushing your momentum and keep things going.

You simply never know what’s around the corner and you should never take anything, or anyone, for granted.

Here’s an interesting little stat for you,

According to the UK Government…

The minimum wage for someone over the age of twenty-five is:

£7.83 per hour

If we multiply £7.83 by forty hours per week?

We get £16,286 per year

Which, is actually more than most personal trainers make per year!

That means, that there are personal trainers out there…

Who would be financially better off mopping floors and cleaning toilets.

Nothing wrong with those jobs of course or the people that do them but I guarantee no one signed up for a PT course with that in mind.

Just remember that when you see the Personal Trainer lifestyle shown off on Social Media as all sexy and stuff.

Getting to any successful point (whatever success is for you) is never as sexy as it looks and I would imagine that if most young aspiring PT’s knew the “real world” of PT life was like then they probably wouldn’t even bother with the course in the first place

which is why something like 70% of them leave the fitness industry within a year of completing their cert.

Little stat’s like that always help to keep us on our toes!

I hope you don’t take this email as too much of a blow but rather a little kick in the right direction to Think Bigger and push for more,

as it usually doesn’t take that much extra work to achieve it!

Might treat myself to the new FIFA 19 this wkend and a few beers if I can get away with it as a little celebration 🙂

Think Big And Kick Ass


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