Goal Setting from Cork

Oct 19th, 2018

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Goal Setting from Cork

We are down in Cork for a few days getting some wedding planing done so hope to head back up the road today.

Today I thought I would hit you with a little Goal Setting email of what I find works for my.

As you can probably imagine I’ve read a right few books on this over the years and listen to plenty of it via podcasts/ Social Media etc

So here is my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth.

I go by the saying from Les Brown that

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”

We always hear about setting “realistic goals”,

but what is realistic and who can determine what it is?

It’s hard to keep setting big goals as it can chip away at the confidence and if you tell anyone around you they think your head’s gone.

At this stage my Ma just rolls her eye’s and Lorraine tries her best to be the supportive girlfriend but I know at the back of her mind she thinks I’m raving,

but by aiming high you will only really do 2 things:

1 – Hit it and be pretty bad ass

2 – Fall just short of it but still have made significant progress and a hell of a lot more progress than if you had of aimed lower or not had any end goal and just went with the flow.

It’s always good now and again that in any aspect of your life you are doing well in to just ask yourself

“How can I double my progress here?”

And it usually doesn’t involve as much work as we might think.

Doesn’t matter if you are self employed or not, what can you do to either improve your business or if employed then what can you do to increase your importance and value at your work place? (Click here to find out why studies have found the importance of this 1 Thing….)

Of course the last thing I want now is a load of people to be setting goals such as lose 10lbs in a week etc

But you can still set lofty goals,

and then ask yourself what can do you do to achieve these lofty goals.

Along with your workouts are you being active enough, is your diet what it should be etc

One thing I have noticed over the years from working with people in Fitness is that

You don’t know what you don’t know (which is another great quote I like)

and this is why it is always a good idea to keep an open mind, read up from various people and listen to different points of view whenever possible

because we get use to things being a certain way and we hit certain numbers in certain aspects of our lives and we get comfortable with those numbers.

But we don’t know what we don’t know so maybe we could double those numbers or do a lot better with a few simple tweaks.

And the reason I believe that is due to the fact that we get so many people who are blown away by how much better they feel from doing the sessions and that they can actually ENJOY exercise,

like this lad:

Hi Darragh, well here I am in my third week of the 6 weeks programme with yourselves.In the 8 classes I’ve been to they have all been different set ups which is great, coaches are fantastic and very supportive, nobody is worried about what anyone else’s capabilities are as everyone has their own goal to achieve.I have an issue with my left leg/ankle and the coaches will just advice to change the relevant exercise to my own preference. All I can say is this has been one of the best decision I have taken in my life, I am sleeping better, eating healthier and feeling better in myself, so as you say yourself ” kick ass guys”

You can do anything you want in life,

but you can’t beat sleeping better, eating better food and feeling better about yourself overall!

So I hope you have a great wkend planed and enjoy it.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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