Try this life changing App

Oct 15th, 2018

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Try this life changing App

I have been doing a lot more follow up phone calls lately to people showing interest in our 6 week program.

And also allowing the option for current members who have any questions for me.

it just seems a better way of getting to the nitty gritty to answer people’s REAL questions and help them out.

It still amazes me that so many people are afraid to get started with exercise for one simple reason

The Fear

Fear of standing out in a group and not being fit for it.

Which I don’t blame them for 1 bit.

It’s just a simple lack of confidence and also some level of distrust as they have tried things before and got nowhere or even yelled at by some GI Joe wannabe.

So it’s our job to try and get people building that confidence and helping them make even small results so they get enough confidence to think

“This actually works and I can do this”

and once people start thinking like that then they are off to the races.

And progress can be made step by step from there, like this long term member has noticed:

Hi Darragh,

Hope your well.
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how I got on with the five week PT Sessions.
I have to say, I really enjoyed each session and really felt like it was the push that I needed. The sessions were tough, but definitely worth it. I really cant recommend your facility enough, and both Chris & Sharon are unbelievable at what they do and give you that extra push in each session.
Over the five weeks I have lost seven pound and around five inches (I think, cant remember the total inches!!). I am delighted with that, the difference since I start using MyFitnessPal. It really does everything for you!
I have been thinking and I would love to join the 7am Platinum if there is still spaces free?

So if you are struggling with results and getting frustrated then most likely 1 of the 3 lessons from this email is something you should look into.

1 – My Fitness Pal – start tracking your calories and have some idea of what’s going into your body.

Chances are you are simply overeating on your calories, even if you are “eating healthy”.

This can really be a life changing App for you and like any technology it’s a pain in the ass to figure out for a week or so but once you get into it it’s pretty straightforward.

2 – Get some 1-2-1 Personal Training attention – If you are a member for 3 months or longer you can also do Pay as you go PT.

But if you are just starting out and really nervous about going into a group training environment then this is the place to start.

3 – Join our 12 Week Get Lean Project/ Platinum program – This combines the help of 1-2-1 PT but at a more affordable price and the craic/ support of a small group.

So there’s something for you to think about as we are now 10 weeks or so out from Xmas and especially as so many people go on the dry in the run up to xmas.

And don’t forget what day it is


Think Big And Kick Ass


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