I don’t think your lazy

Oct 29th, 2018

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I don’t think your lazy

I’m sure there are a few sore and tired heads this morning after the Bank Holiday and as this week goes on the attention will turn to Xmas plans

And people will also start focusing on the “Dry November” and making the big push towards xmas to lose that all important weight that they plan on putting back on over Xmas,

and round and round we go!

Of course we try to get people away from that sort of thinking but Xmas is the one time of the year where everybody tends to let loose a little bit more than they usually would.

Most of the time when we fail to reach a target we can be made to feel like failures and that it’s simply down to laziness and “Not wanting it enough”

and of course there are plenty of people that spend their life like this and we all have moments when we could of done more.

But another major issue,

is simply not being in the right vehicle for success. (Click here to find out why you should Admit Failure to Begin Success)

Not having the right knowledge!

Like the “Cardio Queens” who work harder than any of us slaving away and usually undereating on calories and making life super difficult for themselves.

That’s a very important question to ask yourself and something I have done a few times over the years

Closing the Enniskillen facility was one such case as it just simply was the wrong vehicle and the wrong place to be spending my energy in general (Of course, apart from the 50 odd loyal members we had)

There have also been a few relationships over the years needing the same questions asked.

That’s why this little email reply was really cool to get last week….

This one is a little different to all the others as I spoke with this member over the phone before they came in and they had a really unusual injury situation going on.

I said we should be able to help you out and just make sure to do what you can and take it easy on the stuff you can’t.

Very scientific and complicated solution I know but that’s why I am the genius that I am!!

(Sarcasm directed to all the Fit Pros on Social Media and in gyms that can’t understand the difference from reading things out of a text book to working in the Real World)

Hi Darragh
On the 6 weeks programme that I’m due to finish next week, what can I say only it’s the best decision I have taken, your staff’s professional approach to every class, they leave no stone unturned to make the classes as enjoyable as possible,their support and encouragement to everyone no matter what ability is brilliant. I’m feeling better in myself, I remember the first class I went to standing outside the door thinking ” will I go in or will I go back home, will I be able to do any off the circuits at all ??? Well here I am entering my 6th week and loving every minute of it, have made new friends along the way……looking forward to speaking to you next week about booking in for more classes, for now thank you and your staff for everything and remember ” Kick Ass”

I’m sure there are a lot of vehicles that wouldn’t work with this client

but luckily enough we have managed to help them out.

While we are closed today for teh Bank Holiday you can take it as a rest day if you need it or get out for a nice walk/run depending on your energy levels.

And be sure to get in tomorrow as it’s a short week and you don’t want to get off to a bad start.


Think Big And Kick Ass



I’m sure after that Bank Holiday you feel like you either have to make a start building up to xmas or,

pick things up a notch.

Either way we have you covered.

Tomorrow I will be sending out an email about a Special Offer on Platinum that you can start next Monday and hit the run in until Xmas.

This offer will only be for members that want to finish the year strong.

And if you haven’t done anything in a long time and want to tighten yourself up for xmas then our November 6 Week program will be starting next week Monday the 5th.

Any questions on either just give me a shout.

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