Its how long away????

Oct 22nd, 2018

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Its how long away????

Me being a little bit slow on the uptake I have only lately learnt how to listen to Audio books off my phone,

Turns out you can just download an app on the app store and pick your books from there,

Go figure!

But it’s some job so the podcasts are taking a back seat for a bit to let the good ones build up and just gonna stick with the books for now.

You still can’t beat reading though so want to keep 15-30 minutes a day as best I can.


The year is flying in and already the shops have Xmas stuff out which is always mental even though it happens every year, it’s now 9 weeks away.

Xmas will be weird for us this year as we have bigger things to focus on but with all this reading/ listening I have came up with a few ideas for 2019 that I can’t wait to get stuck into but they will have to be put on the back burner for now.

But it’s still 10 weeks to xmas and November is usually one of our busiest months as everyone does the “Dry November” things and looks to shift a few pound before the madness of Xmas.

I hope you are also looking to get the head down and make some great progress the next 6-8 weeks and maybe even do something similar to this member:

I have found last couple weeks great. I have made 3 classes every week 4 prob on 3 occasions. The classes are brilliant. I love the way no 2 classes are the same.
Well I got measured and weighed today.
I lost 8lb but more importantly I lost
1/2″ of bust
2 1/2 off my waist
And 3″ off my tighs

I feel great , I have to work a bit better on my diet.

I’ll be back Monday to continue.

Thank you and all your team. Very professional.

As always, Results may not be typical but can most definitely be achieved in 6 weeks.

And are usually achieved with small little changes that arnt to overwhelming and are actually manageable with stiff like real life going on.

The thing about Diet is we can always work better and it’s forever a work in progress as no matter how well you do today, tomorrow is a new day that has to be attacked all over again.

That’s why it’s important to never get to high about the highs or to low and the lows!

Remember how to always get the week off to the best possible start and get your workout in today


Think Big And Kick Ass



The Dundalk night out will be on the 24th of November and the Cavan night on the 8th of December, still waiting on people to get back to me before I can finalise all but keep those dates free and hopefully we will see you there!


Our opening hours over Xmas are tricky due to the big day so we are going with a 9:30 and a 10:30 class on Saturday the 30th of December and Sunday the 31st.

Yes, I know New Year’s eve is random but with our wedding on the 27th and inviting all the staff it’s the only way we can get any session’s in at all.

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