It’s not Rocket Science, or is it?

Oct 5th, 2018

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It’s not Rocket Science, or is it?

As much as we would like to make out that getting people in shape is really complicated and only super intelligent beings like ourselves can do it,

You and I know that it complete BS!

Unfortunately, now and again we come across people who think they are a special little snowflake who “needs” this or that.

Do the basics that myself and any decent trainer on Social Media will tell you for 12 Weeks solid, YES, 12 whole weeks (Click here to find out 2 of the most Basic Tips Ever)

And then start looking at things closer from there.

And we LOVE to see the clients that know we can only do so much for them and they have to do the real work both in the sessions and at home,

like this client:

Hi Darragh,

I’m loving it – now there is something i never thought i would say.

I have never been overweight and i have always been active – i was a swimming teacher in my 20s ( to get me through college) and then kept a few classes when i was working – but anyway i was always in the pool.
What I’m trying to say is – that i never saw it was keeping fit as i was enjoying it.

But then the late 30s hit and this year the big 40 hit – usually if i saw a few pounds going on – i would be disciplined with my diet and with walking my dog daily – i would see a change.
But no, not this year – I’m the heaviest i have ever been. I have always been under 9 stone.
But when i was weighed i thought i was 9st 7lb – but no i was nearly 9st 11!!!
I’m not saying that’s huge – i know that.
But for me it is not comfortable – i feel it and see it.

I have been a member of numerous gyms and never stick with it – because i always feel out of place and feel like i never know what I’m doing.
Can’t stand the posing that goes on in a gym. Just puts me off.

Tried numerous classes – Pilate’s, zumba, kettlebells , spinning, etc – but dreaded going to them.
I mean i signed up for them but i either got bored with the same repetition and wouldn’t feel or see any results.

And i know that this is me now – here’s the reasons why.

no bullshit – get in , sweat , work out – go home.
There is no prancing about by anyone – all ages – shapes, sizes are there for the same thing.
Not one person passes any remarks on what anyone is doing.
Been to a few classes now and they have all been different ( and tough).
I’m sweating leaving them – i feel it leaving them ( to me there is absolutely no point in doing a class if i don’t – but i have been to many classes where i knew i was getting nothing out if it).
i love the fact that you can go at any time you want. Its just a way of thinking – like say you had a class at 7pm on a Monday – i would dread it because i feel like i would have to go, ( does that make sense?!!).
45 mins goes by in flash – that must be another subconscious thing like an hour just seems like hardship !! Funny and stupid isn’t it – the mind – well my mind!
I haven’t weighed myself since i started – which i would do every Monday morning without fail. i don’t need to, i know its working – why wouldn’t it – Im doing more exercise and cut out all the crap food. its not rocket science its going to work.
It didn’t take 6 weeks to put on – its not going to take 6 weeks to come off. But least I’m doing something about it – instead of giving out about it.
i feel a difference – i can feel what used to be abs – and ya know i think my waist is actually appearing under that stubborn fat. Now that mind be all in the mind after 4 weeks – but who cares – i feel better and more confident.

Week 1, Class 1 – i literally ached all over for a few days after. Not agony pain – feel good pain – like my body was saying – there you go – thats what you need.
Class 2 – Looked forward to going to ( had to wait until pain subsided!!

Week 2 – Only 1 class – was away this week.

Week 3 – 3 classes

Week 4 – 2 done so far but will be 3.

So yeah – to answer your question – I’m loving it and can see that i will be signing up for membership – its very me.
And I’m glad that September was a busy successful month for you.
My husband is self employed now after many years of working for someone else and his love for his job and extremely hard work is paying off.
He is busy from word of mouth only – what your doing will be a success because your members are walking advertisements for you.
I know people will ask in another few months how i lost the weight and i will say through enjoyable hard work in Dutchy’s Fitness.

So thank you and your staff – great job.

Sorry for such a long email – but you did ask!!

Well what can I say to that,

It may be long but worth a read I thought!

Have a GREAT wkend and be sure to enjoy it without throwing your hard weeks work down the drain, (Find out How to Easily Handle the Weekend Here)

which can be done believe it or not!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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