Lifting tins of beans with your vagina??

Oct 10th, 2018

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Lifting tins of beans with your vagina??

Yes, I think I have heard it all now.

Mum of 3 Kirsty Wright showed on National TV in the UK last week that she can lift a tin of beans with her Vagina.

Before you get all disgusted there is actually very good method to her madness.

It is claimed that up to 25% of women have problems with Bladder control and their pelvic floor muscles and Kirsty has found this to be a great exercise to cure her problem.

I know this is a serious problem as a lot of members have came to me about it over the years and I have even seen a few embarrassing moments in sessions so it is obviously something a lot of people are looking for help with.

It would obviously leave to long term issues if women are nervous about leaving the house etc so a lot of women need help with it.

Of course I am not recommending you start trying this at woman and am NOT recommending this as advise before everyone runs for their tins of beans this morning.

In order to play it on the safe side I think you should stick to your planks and core work, at least we can do that in public.

Here is an example of one member doing things the old fashioned way:

Hi Darragh
Don’t normally do this sort of thing but felt so good this morning I feel I should share this with you I’m 47 and 3/4s and have started back with ye one month ago. I weighed myself morning and am down exactly 1 stone which is maybe not so hard to lose as I was 19.25 stone to start with I’m also down two notches on my belt and also feel much better I do 3 to four classes each week which are great by the way and have changed my diet a small bit I’ve cut back on the drink a fair bit which was my biggest fault. sometimes being older it’s harder to go to classes but here I don’t feel out of place, anyway rant over once again thanks

So this member is simply just making 3 45 minute sessions a week, easing off the poor food choices and easing off the beer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

We all love to have a good time but it’s the amount of it your taking, you simply can’t expect to make serious progress if you are on the sauce every wkend.

Get yourself in some shape and then plan your night’s out a bit better rather than just out every wkend for the sake of it.

You Booze, You Lose.

I think those are all much easier and safer ways to get to your goals than lifting tins of beans!!

To save you googling you can check it out at this link

Mum-of-three Kirsty Wright lifts weights, a baked beans tin and a marmite jar with her vagina and leaves Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford stunned

Think Big And Kick Ass


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