The Future of Fitness

Oct 12th, 2018

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The Future of Fitness

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, which you should be doing of course, you will have seen the testimonial Amanda put up on the FB page about her first 6 weeks of the 12 Week Get Lean Project.

Now of course I am ridiculously biased here but that doesn’t mean I am not also 100% correct!

Most people out there who are attending gyms are doing the following

Fart about on some resistance machine ,that does half the work for you by the way, while staring into space and having the chats between actually doing anything (Click here to find out about Gym Vs Group Training)

Bounce about Cardio machines such as the Bikes, Rowers and/ or stepper doing very little for any proper long term results.

And then wonder why they are not getting any results long term.

With our 12 Week Get Lean Project you get the best of both worlds.

Not only do you have unlimited access to our 45 minute circuit classes which we would like to think are fun, varied and get you enjoying your training for once

you also get to train in small groups and doing what you actually should be doing when you go to your average gym.

The only difference here is there is a trainer taking you through the steps exactly and the thing keeps moving so you don’t have time to stand staring into space or chatting.

The reason I spent so much time and money opening this studio in Cavan is because I believe this is the Future of the Fitness industry.

It allows us to have over 40 people doing this program in Cavan and at the minute we are capped at about 24 in Dundalk so will hopefully hit that in the new year.

Anyone who started this program around September/ early October time will really be noticing serious progress in the run up to xmas and apart from aesthetic progress they will be so much stronger, healthier and feel better in themselves,

which of course is the main factor in all this.

In case you missed it, here is what Amanda put up:

What an amazing 6 weeks. I signed up for the 12 week programme 6 weeks ago. I listened to all the advice from Stephen and Alan. I am eating more food than I was but the right food including carbs etc which I was not doing. I also attend some of the classes during the week. the staff are brilliant and encouraging. Thank you for this amazing journey. I got measured on Monday again. I could feel and see the progress so I was eager to see the result on the tape. 5 inches down on my waist, i could not believe it. So to everyone out there Dutchy’s is the place to get yourself on track. Instructors are all passionate about what they do. Thank you.

So obviously Amanda is happy out and is making great progress but we also need to keep in mind one important factor.

Now you probably seen my email a few weeks ago about all the variables that can make a big difference to the scales and as well as inches, especially around the waist! (Click here to find out the 6 Ways that have an Impact on the Scales)

So there is no need to get to down or to up by these things.

Always play the long game and keep chipping at the block.

Have a great wkend and enjoy it, which you can still do without undoing all the good work of this week!

Think Big And Kick Ass



We still have spaces in our Dundalk program as we have only got it up and running so if you would like to join this program in the run up to xmas then give me a shout.

In Cavan we have 4 groups FULL and 2 with about 2 spaces in them so if you want into the full groups later be sure to be on the waiting list so you are ready to go.

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