Cardio Cardio Cardio

Nov 16th, 2018

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Cardio Cardio Cardio

Every now and again we get asked to do Cardio Only sessions.

It makes sense that people would naturally assume the more you sweat and the heavier you breath then the harder you are working so therefore the closer you are getting to your goals

But as with everything in the damn world

It’s never just that simple!

If you arn’t doing any strength training then you ain’t gonna get any gainz and if you ain’t gonna get any gainz then how are you gonna get that toned ass that you have been working for. (Click here to find out why Runners should be aware)

You need to be lifting challenging weight in order to create sufficient muscle damage

While this muscle damage is repairing it is burning calories and ultimately grows back stronger.

Rinse and repeat

Until that day you look in the mirror and go

Jaysus, where’s them gunzzz come from!!

Without this

You only get that skinny fat look that people get, especially those Cardio Queens! (To Find out 3 reasins to limit Cardio for Fat Loss Click here)

You also need to remember that water weight can count for so much so just losing weight via sweat isn’t any use to you

Unless you are getting into a Boxing ring in 24 hours!

So in all I think we get a good balance between Strength & Cardio in our sessions and we don’t need any more Cardio.

Also, the logistics part of it on the timetable would’t be ideal as you would need times that suit everyone and all that craic.

The real truth of the matter is that we want to analyse every aspect of getting shape before facing the reality

We want to look at the million and 1 small things that might make a difference rather than the ONE THING that plays such a massive role

That dreaded word


When we go for the easier routes life can become very hard,

when we admit life is hard and face it head on things can become a lot easier!

So why not meet the biggest beast we have head on and see what changes can we make to improve our results.

Our Diet is a never ending battle that always needs little tweaks here and there and will always change due to our circumstances at that point in our lives.

Have a great wkend and be sure to stay active as possible and not undo all that great work you have done all week.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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