Everyone wants to go to Heaven, But….

Nov 7th, 2018

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Everyone wants to go to Heaven, But….

Our footie season ended at the wkend with another tale of woe

Won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say we won nothing and things got so out of hand that due to an unfortunate state of affairs your’s truly ended up in goals!

Luckily enough hardly a dangerous ball came near me as I just wouldn’t be known for my aerial prowess.

So that’s all she wrote for now and it could be getting time to nail it on the head for me but we shall see.

The good news is,

I can now focus more on my own training without the distractions of games or pushing “too hard” with injuries and such like.

The plan now is to trim down a bit.

I have never actually went on a cut as such but will try it now in the build up till xmas.

Between the 2 Dutchy’s night’s out, my stag, Xmas and then of course the Wedding, December, especially the last 2 weeks of it, are going to be a bit of a right off.

and with each passing year we sometimes need to get a bit more creative and do things we have never done before.

No there isn’t going to be a whole pile of science to this which I know the Fitness community would frown upon.

But here is what I am going to do in this ingenuis plan:

– For brekkie I normally have a bagel with my eggs and Salmon. For the next 6 Weeks there shall be no Bagel

– A lot of my meals I do be “well stuffed” shall we say. For the next 6 Weeks I shall leave a little in the tank

– I like to chill in the evenings with some treats, if I feel like I have done enough activity then I might treat myself more than I probably should do.

Definitely gonna be limiting that side of things.

– Exercise every day and push myself with some “Beast sessions”. 1 problem with playing footie is that you have to be careful as if you lift too heavy then next day you’re stiff as a board at training the following night trying to run about the place.

So about 4 good weights sessions and 2/3 pool session with some walks to get the steps up will be the plan the next few weeks.

Lately I heard a saying that I think is great

“Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die”

Meaning everyone wants their dreams to come true but no one wants to do the shitty things that have to be done to get there.

Everyone wants the body but also to not exercise and eat whatever they want

as with any goal, sacrifices have to be made!

Yes, I will be a little hungry and it might even make me a little cranky

that shall be Lorraine’s problem 🙂

What’s the solution to such a matter?

Man the fudge up and get on with it and quit crying about first world problems as I’m sure I will survive!


I shall keep you posted on my progress and hopefully it shows you that the little things all add up so with a few little tweaks here and there progress can easily be made.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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