My Personal 6 Week Plan {Just for You}

Nov 12th, 2018

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My Personal 6 Week Plan {Just for You}

So last week I put up about my plans for the next 6 odd weeks or so for the build up to Xmas and of course, our big day.

I got great feedback from all of you wishing me luck so thanks for that

And I also got a few questions asking me for more information.

Without offending anyone let me first be brutally honest.

You already know this information and the reason you are maybe falling short isn’t due to lack of information

But lack of implementation of that information!!

I’m just telling you for your own good.

We don’t give out EXACT meal plans for a reason.

You can’t live your life like that and if it was that simple everyone would already be doing it.

Of course it’s a help and always great to get ideas but this thing of eating this at 8am and this at 11am etc needs to be done by the individual.

And if you really want Meal plans just Google through the million different ones online if that is really all you need.

Anyhoo, moving on.

Nutrition wise there is no big change to the meals or recipes.

I will Keep protein intake at approx 2g per kg of bodyweight (which I always do). (Click here to find out Can you eat too much protein?)

Making sure each meal has plenty of veggies and reduce the amount of carbs. So basically, consciously eating a little bit less, where usually I am stuffed, as Lorraine sometimes thinks shes feeding a small army.

2 full eggs, 100g of egg white, salmon/meat some left over veggies if they are there. Normally I’d have bread or bagel with cream cheese or butter.

Ill not have these as this is where most the cals come from.

Lunch and dinner.
200g -300g of meat, plenty veggies with respectable portion of carbs. (Not a mountain which could sometimes be the case)

While it can sound very boring Lorraine is a dab hand at jazzing things up so we can eat nice food while still being good food

The above meals could be made more creative with meals such as Beef Chilli Con Carne, Chicken & Veg Stir fry, Beef Bolognaise etc

We will try to be a bit more active on our Instagram stories with all this so if you’re interested then be sure to keep an eye on that.


Usually I have a chocolate bar and few biscuits everyday, this is where Ill pull it back in and reduce the amount or just eliminate.

Workout wise the plan will be to do Platinum sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and another weights session on my own Saturday or Sunday.

Then 2/3 pool sessions to get the cardio in and also improve my swimming and then some walks to get my steps up.

Why am I doing Platinum?

Because believe it or not,

When I say I think it’s a bad ass program and training with others will push you on

I actually mean it!!

I could do similar sessions on my own at home where I wouldn’t push myself the same and for what I want right now I know this is best for me.

Now will I get to stick 100% to this plan all the way through

Of course not!

Things will come up, for example we are in Cork Wednesday to Friday this week so there’s 2 platinum sessions missed.

But I will change things about as best I can to stick as close to the goal as possible and try to make sure there are no lazy excuses thrown in there.

I will just get a weights session down in Cork and do another session at the wkend to give me my 4 sessions.

Also, on a side note my swim game is picking up a bit as well and I will tell you Wednesday the Number 1 reason why it is.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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