Pick Your Battles

Nov 26th, 2018

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Pick Your Battles

Isn’t black Friday great,

Unless you’re in America of course fighting for a big screen TV that’s on a discount.

I’m no shopper and definitely wouldn’t like to think of myself as a bargain hunter but some deals are just to good to miss.

I had my eye on a Online business course this past year but it’s pretty high end and way above my price range in the 5 figures

So when it was 90% off last week I swooped right in.

So that’s gonna be my biz education sorted for 2019.

I also bought another biz course to try and improve my email writing abilities over the next 5 weeks up to Xmas,

so if you notice me trying a few new tricks just bare with me until I figure stuff out.

I probably should have done some Xmas shopping but that stuffs boring 🙂

We are now in the last week of November and all the partying is coming right on top of us,

This is vital where you have to start to

Pick Your Battles!!

By that I mean when are you letting loose and when are you going to be disciplined.

What parties will get out of hand and what can you keep half sensible.

My goal is (if you guys let me) to take it reasonably sensible at the 2 Dutchy’s night’s out

Which I managed to do Ok in Dundalk on Saturday night so now just the Cavan night Saturday week.

The reason for this of course is that I know my stag is going to be a write off and the 2 days after it will be difficult as well as I lie about feeling sorry for myself.

And then there is a 2 week window of trying to keep things right before heading to Cork for Xmas and the big day so all will go out the window again for a few days and of course I can’t wait.

While it may sound a little boring I have found this little bit of planing works well to keep things solid so you can get straight back into things in the new year.

I was chatting to a member last week who joined us about 4 months ago and quit the cigarettes about 2 months ago.

She’s not happy with her diet but the thing here is she has already nailed 2 massive parts of it.

Getting started and sticking to exercise

and of course

Quitting the cigarettes.

As it is so difficult to get fit when you are on cigarettes, it really will hold you back.

So she has achieved loads and now she has to nail her Nutrition and she will be flying.

These things all take time and it’s the only way to make true progress as taking on too much simply leads to overwhelm.

The Fitness industry as a whole is starting to talk about these sort of things more and it is great to see

The importance of training and watching your diet just for the good of your health and well being

but of course with so many people still focused on weight loss then we have to use that card now and again just to get people’s attention,

it is what it is!

Let’s get the week started right


Think Big And Kick Ass


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