Spitting Out Numbers

Nov 30th, 2018

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Spitting Out Numbers

We all love technology

In fact some people love technology so much that they think there will come a time when most jobs can be done by machines.

I personally don’t think things will just get to that stage for a variety of reasons,

Especially in Fitness. As much as so many people are having success with Online programs and the like

I think people will still always prefer to leave work and go to a nice facility where they can train in a positive environment with a trainer that will keep them right

But 1 other obvious answer is that technology can just stop working and be a complete pain in the ass for no reason whatsoever,

even worse than people can!

Just like the app

My Fitness Pal

It can sometimes just spit out numbers that don’t really make much sense.

And this of course leads to confusion which is the last thing people need when it comes to Training & Nutrition.

In case you’re new around here and to this fitness game, 1 thing you need to get some sort of understanding of is Calories (Click Here to find out what really happens when you Cut Calories)

How many calories is in the food you are eating everyday and how many would you burn off in a day with your movement/ exercise

This will allow you to get a grasp of your situation and start making some headway.

A lot of people have no idea so while they are exercising and “eating healthy” they are still eating a ridiculous amount of calories for the little bit of exercise they are doing

and then get frustrated and give up!

This usually comes from totally UNDERestimating the calories we eat and totally OVERestimating the calories we burn off.


with My Fitness Pal you can track your calories.

But it can throw out some random numbers that make no sense, as with most technology it can mess up now and again.

So after chatting to a member last week I thought I better do an email on it.

We will assume that anyone reading this email is looking to lose weight and/ or tone up.

For this a good 30% to 40% of your cals would have to be Protein and then you can balance between Carbs and Fats with the rest. (Click Here to find out Can You Eat Too Much Protein?)

Depending on what you read these numbers of course will vary, my point is these are minimal guidelines and if your My Fitness Pal has you at 20% Protein then it is definitely off.

If your not sure be sure to let me know or have a chat with one of the trainers and we can keep you on track as the last thing we want is for you trying your best with your calorie tracking and still not make any progress and get frustrated with it all.

Along with this calorie tracking of course you want to do some proper weight training to get that muscle working for you and stripping that fat away

So long story short

Tracking calories properly + Proper weight Training = Bad Ass Results!

Think Big And Kick Ass



People have been asking me about Xmas opening hours already.

Both facilities will be the exact same and we have had to work around the wedding on the 27th which the trainers are obviously going to as well.

So it will be business as usual up to Saturday the 22nd of December.

Then we are closed over Xmas with a 9:30 and 10:30 sessions on on Saturday the 29th December and Sunday the 30th of December.

I know it’s a bit awkward but just the way it worked out over Xmas.

Then open again on Wednesday the 2nd of January and business as usual from there.


As we do every year we will be collecting toys for St Vincent de Paul and getting them under our Xmas tree.

This has worked great in Cavan for the past 7 years so we are hoping for more again and hope everyone in Dundalk can get involved as well.

Let’s see which facility can be the most generous and give the most presents for those in need!

You can also just donate vouchers as well if you want as it they come in handy for them and that’s what I will be doing.

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