Thats it, I Quit!

Nov 23rd, 2018

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Thats it, I Quit!

After Monday’s email about Doctors being straight with people losing weight I received this reply from a person who use to attend our Enniskillen facility: (Click here to read Mondays email)

Well Dutchy how’s things? Hope the nerves arnt kicking in 2 bad 4 the big day. I was at the doctors a few weeks back and was given the home truth I need 2 lose weight. This great doctor gave me “excellent” advice on how to lose weight. Eat once a day for the 1st week after that only eat ever second day and with my weight it wouldn’t hurt 2 maybe even do a 3rd day without food. I couldn’t believe my ears. Surely a man in his profession should understand the way the body needs nutients. Just thought it tied in well with yesterday’s email and thought I’d let you know the great advice the doctors are giving out

Good luck with the wedding and enjoy every second of it for it flies by in the blink of an eye

Well what can be said to that,

Sometimes there are just no words!

When people in that sort of position and are regarded as the “Go To” people for all things health are coming out with stuff like that,

is it any wonder people are getting confused and don’t know where to turn!

We have heard a lot of shocking advice stories but that’s up there with the worse,

it’s like something you hear at work from some muppet.

We would like to think that this particular doctor is the exception rather than the norm and that most doctors out there are giving out much better advice than this.

I’m sure you know why this advice is so bad,

From this person having zero energy,

To creating a bad relationship with food

To encouraging binge eating which always happens in the end when people try to starve themselves. (Click here to find out Why You Binge)

The list could go

But it’s just shockingly bad advice that it would drive you over the edge and jack it all in.

Of course we won’t be doing that,

It’s stories like this that just wants you to work harder to try and spread the good word.

To that end we are working on an idea for the New Year to help us get A LOT more content out via our Social Media platforms and hopefully help the local people understand what needs to be done when it comes to diet and exercise.

But that’s all for another day.

Have a great wkend and always remember that you don’t have to restrict yourself all the time and do crazy stuff just to get in shape.

We have our Dundalk night out now on Saturday and I’ll have a few beers for the craic (and also for some pre training for my stag next wkend) and no doubt everyone will have some of the finger food

and it won’t be the end of the world if everything else has been managed right!

Think Big And Kick Ass



As today is Black Friday we thought we would give you a little offer that could help you out for Xmas as well.

The offers are:

– Buy 2 Cards get 2 sessions Free (€140)

– Buy 3 cards get 3 sessions Free (€210)

– Buy 10 PT sessions get 4 classes Free (€250 for the 30 minute sessions or €500 for the hourly sessions)

While these offers may not work for you they may work well for someone you know.

We only have 11 vouchers printed off as left over from last year and unless there’s a stampede I don’t plan on getting any more done.

So it will be first come first served so if you want them then get in between now and Saturday to get them.

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