What to do when you have ZERO Motivation…

Nov 9th, 2018

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What to do when you have ZERO Motivation…

A common problem we hear from people is that

I struggle with Motivation

Motivation is a feeling

And we can control our feeling a lot more than we like to think.

If you listening to depressing music for long enough you will feel depressed

If you sit around listening to people bitch and moan and feel sorry for themselves then they will start to have an influence on you,

especially for people that are easily influenced!

We are influenced by what we see and hear all day and the environment around us whether you like to admit it or not.

The biggest thing with Motivation is that it starts with ambition and just how ambitious are you to a certain goal?

And these are maintained via Attention and you must always be giving your goals attention. (Click here to find out why you should try this life changing app)

If you want a relationship to get better you have to get it Attention

If you want your house to look better you have to give it Attention

If you want a business to grow you have to give it Attention

and if you want to achieve a set goal then you have to give it constant Attention.

For a start,

Put yourself in an environment that will motivate you.

If you’re having a bad day then check out those Youtube videos you love that get you PUMPED

or play those Tuuuuunes that get you fired up!

Probably the greatest thing you can do for your results is to train with other people and have a trainer tell you what to do, (To find out about Gym Vs Group Training Click here )

And yes, that may be what our business is based on

but doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

How many people that go to the gym and just do their own workout on their own actually get any serious results?

How many people that “plan to get fit” before joining a Gym actually do it?




Obviously this isn’t for people who are going through a tragic time in their lives and need some time but let’s face it

90% of the time it’s just us feeling sorry for themselves.

You hear people saying they have no motivation and feel down in the dumps all the time.

Then you hear that they go on 2 day benders every, or at least most, wkends

Well no shit you’re depressed, we all be depressed when we drink like that!

Or even taking a “few drinks” during the week, they will still effect you the next day.

Some days the hardest part is just getting your self going,

So get yourself in a positive ass kicking environment whatever way you can and notice how your mood goes from

Your ass feeling kicked


​​​​​​​You kicking Ass!

Have a great wkend!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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