You Fat Fudger

Nov 30th, 2018

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You Fat Fudger

While doing my late night scrolling through Social Media, which I need to curtail a bit better, I did come across one interesting article.

A 36 stone chef in England lost 21 stone after his friend started texting him insults everyday.

Stuff along the lines of

“You Fat F***”

“You will be dead by the time you’re 40”

But not only did he insult him, he did introduce him to a new diet that he eventually started after 6 Weeks of these insults.

I just thought it was a very interesting take as these days is so much is about Mental Health that sometimes we have gone too far one side and forget that everyone is different and some people actually do like some tough love.

We all hear the cheesy cliches that life isn’t really about what happens to us

but rather about HOW WE REACT to what happens to us!

And we see examples of this all the time where something is said to someone and they totally lose their shit and the same comment is made to someone else and they laugh it off and move on with their day.

You see this more so in sports where the best athlete’s are the ones with the shortest memories

They make a mistake and forget about it straight away and move onto the next play.

They can also handle all sorts of abuse from fans and the media and still deliver the goods.

So while I don’t recommend we go about Fat Shaming people,

I do recommend that if people are offending you and pissing you off

then maybe it’s best to pull up your big boy, or girl, pants and go kick some ass and ram it down their throat!

If you don’t believe me here is the link below.

DISCLAIMER: It talks about the Diet he used to lose the weight and it is not something we would recommend.

Before anyone starts thinking this is some sort of magical diet, they just got him following a very simple method.

They reduced his calories,


All the way down to 640 a day which is not healthy but considering he must have been necking anywhere from 6000 to 12000 a day then it’s not exactly a mystery how he lost the weight.

If you try this diet to lose 2 to 3 stone you will just end up feeling like shit and rebounding. And as with any diet program, this guy is their “Superstar Client” but that doesn’t account for all the people that got nowhere with this.

O and before I go,

As you read this I will be off to Edinburgh for my stag do and we not home till Sunday.

I have also booked Monday off as a Duvet Day to feel sorry for myself so if you have anything super duper urgent just email or message the FB page.

Have a great wkend, I know I will 🙂

Think Big And Kick Ass



People have been asking me about Xmas opening hours already.

Both facilities will be the exact same and we have had to work around the wedding on the 27th which the trainers are obviously going to as well.

So it will be business as usual up to Saturday the 22nd of December.

Then we are closed over Xmas with a 9:30 and 10:30 sessions on on Saturday the 29th December and Sunday the 30th of December.

I know it’s a bit awkward but just the way it worked out over Xmas.

Then open again on Wednesday the 2nd of January and business as usual from there.


As we do every year we will be collecting toys for St Vincent de Paul and getting them under our Xmas tree.

This has worked great in Cavan for the past 7 years so we are hoping for more again and hope everyone in Dundalk can get involved as well.

Let’s see which facility can be the most generous and give the most presents for those in need!

You can also just donate vouchers as well if you want as it they come in handy for them and that’s what I will be doing.

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