8 in a row??

Feb 28th, 2019

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8 in a row??

Believe it or not some people have been reading these emails for years

And the unfortunate people that have done so are probably waiting on my usual January email “man crush” about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots American Football team (Click here to find out why Tom brady is the GOAT)

So to remove the suspense for these poor folks,

here it is.

But there is a Fitness lesson here so don’t worry.

You see on Sunday last the Patriots won a game that got them to essentially the semi finals of the SuperBowl (The Final)

This is their 8 year in a row doing this which is just ridiculous.

To put in be perspective the next best records are a team who did 5 in a row in the 70s and a team who did 4 in a row in the 90s.

As with all great sports team they are a great example of how everyone roots for you as the underdog and then eventually gets sick and tired of your success and want to see you fail.

While I’m not their number 1 fan in the traditional Sports fan type way, it’s just cool seeing them do it year after year

And it’s also cool seeing how many sports journalist LOVE to kick them when they are down,

yet they keep bouncing back all the time.

Teams/ people like this raise the bar for everyone around there.

There’s a quote out there

Comparison is the Death of Joy

I used to sort of like that quote but now I don’t believe it’s possible in the real world.

Maybe in the happy clappy world where we meditate all day and stay away from people 24/7 because that’s what gives us “inner Peace”

but not in the real world where we have to actually go out and interact with people.

For me, it’s about how we handle these comparisons.

You either get annoyed or inspired

Jealousy comes boiling to the surface so you pick holes at people doing better then you and come out with dumbass comments or you get fired up that if they can do that then so can I,

or even more if I put my mind to it.

Just like when we think we are lifting a heavy weight and we someone smaller/ older than us lift much heavier.

The comparison makes us get the finger out and aim that bit higher, and what’s wrong with that?

So here are 3 little points you can take from the Patriots to apply to your Fitness regime today:

1 – Do Your Job

This is a mantra of the team driven by their contrary coach Bill Belichick

The older I get the more I love this simple little quote.

We can all get so caught up on what everyone else is doing but if we just focused on getting 100% out of ourselves we would be much better off.

Simple things like are we working hard enough towards our goals

How can I improve my diet,

Am I taking responsibility for the things I can control?

2 – Commit to the Basics

Work your ass off on the basics in all areas and the fancy stuff will sort itself out.

3 – Just Love Winning

This is MASSIVE. There is so much nonsense talk that happiness is lying on a beach chilling or going on the lash every weekend.

I’ve learnt over the years nothing makes me happier than going to bed every night knowing I won the day.

I got my workout done, pushed my business forward, spent time with family and all the other things that are important to me.

And the greatest comeback to any criticism or BS is always success and winning.

When people are kicking you when you are down it’s best to say nothing and make sure you come back winning, whatever “winning” is in that situation.

They now play the semi final this Sunday night at 11:40pm so now it’s decision time about having a few beers for myself and have a late one or not…

Decisions Decisions



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