I messed up

Feb 28th, 2019

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I messed up

Believe it or not there are people that have accused me of such things as

Having a big head

Loving myself and thinking I’m great

Being a know it all

I couldn’t really care less about these dumbass comments but just for the craic I thought I would share 3 of the dumbest things I have done in the past 7 and a half years since I started in business.

1 Nutrition based, 1 Training based and 1 Business based.

So here we go:

Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting

Yes I tired it on a few occasions and one was in the middle of the footie season.

I later learnt that athletes shouldn’t really be doing IF and should be getting a nice consistent flow of calories.

IF is good for Fat Loss but not for performance and even for Fat Loss there is a lot of debate about it.

It is definitely proven to be good for the system to allow your body time to digest everything properly.

But like everything in Fitness it depends on the client and the goal.

Training: Overtraining and Trying to do everything

I think everyone falls for this one when they get started in fitness.

We want the ripped physique of the bodybuilder but the strength of the Powerlifter and the athleticism of the high level athlete.

But something has to give somewhere and what happened me here was going to Football and not fit to keep up with lads that should be struggling to keep up with me.

People will say that there is no such thing as over training,

only under recovery and that’s a fair point in my opinion but it comes under the same umbrella. (Click here to find out about the importance of Recovery)

If you are doing a lot of training you need to get your sleep and your calories in otherwise you will eventually breakdown and feel like a sack of shit.

Business: Learning off the Wrong People

I could have a very long list here but business is always a learning curve every day.

Biggest mistake I made was getting my information off the wrong people.

Sometimes I paid a pretty penny for this information as well but that was my own fault for not doing my homework on them number 1

and also not figuring out what exactly I wanted and what my goals we’re.

Some of the programs we’re just useless but some of the programs we’re good, but just not for me.

The lesson I learnt here was to ignore the information coming from the wrong people, get learning from the right people and don’t just dismiss them all because of a few clowns.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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