My #1 Pet Peeve

Feb 28th, 2019

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My #1 Pet Peeve

Without doubt my number 1 Pet Peeve is, and always has been

People who are ungrateful for all they have.

My other pet peeve is the Entitlement thing that people have where they think life owes them everything.

Which sort of falls under the same category I suppose,


People whinging and moaning as if life has done them wrong yet they still have their health, a roof above their head, food to eat and get to live in a country like Ireland (Click here to find out How this could be your reality)

While it may not be perfect, where is, it’s much better than a lot of starving broken countries and places ran by dictators etc where people are fleeing for their lives.

So a bit of perspective goes a long way.

While we don’t have to get all American about it and tell everyone around us how much we love them

We can at least quit feeling sorry for ourselves and realise we actually have it pretty good so enjoy the ride and make the most of it while we can.

It’s also great that this new member used that as motivation to get back at it:

I usually dont do feedback but thought I have to email this.
I havent been in Dutchys for more than 2 years,think its from more or less since 2015. I am back working in Cavan so having more time,decided to go back to Dutchys. I was dreading of the thought of this is not even a statement!!I ve been trying to go since beggining of December 2018..but found lots of excuses not to,simply because was so scared.Anyways, last friday i appeared to my first circuit class after a long time. I am active ,work as a chef,2 kids + college,I overestimated myself,pushed myself to all exercises last for the results on weekend,had unreal pains in legs that even was making me dizzy time by time at work.My own fault. Came back to class yesterday,not very familiar with trainers names yet but oh my I enjoyed yesterdays class so so much as workouts were for all body parts,gradual warm up and very good stretching for finishing class.
I know it will take time for me to achieve what i plan to achieve but I’m so glad and proud to be back and planning to stick with it.
I started to follow ‘Matter foundation’ and all the storys about sick people ,paralysed,not able to walk… we should be ashamed getting excuses not to do sports,not to look after ourselves.
I liked one of yours post about starting day early,not to look at phones in the mornings,thats my next goal,to get going early as having busy schedule, mornings would be perfect,no excuses to miss classes.
Looking forward to get physically and mentally stronger and healthier.

We don’t care if you don’t break sweat in your first class or 2, just get use to everything.

As even a little exercise will leave you stiff the next day so you have to watch that.

But having daily habits are essential to long term success and we can see that from looking at anyone achieving anything decent. (Click here to read Doable Long Term Advice)

They always have positive daily habits even if they do them deliberately or not.

And that’s why it’s a simple process of trying to nail your diet everyday and knowing that some days you won’t but have those days as little as possible

And get your exercise and activities up.

With all that being said of course, let’s make sure to start the week on the right foot.

I’ve my swimming lesson this morning and we moved into the breast stroke last week.

Needless to say it wasn’t pretty from me but got better as we went so hoping for another improvement today!


Think Big And Kick Ass



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