Feb 28th, 2019

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So I’ve had a “boat load” (that’s what they say, right?)

of questions about the 12 Week Get Lean Project we have kicking off.

So I’m gonna clear some of them up << email me right NOW if you have a question, by the way

1 – Will I be fit for it?

Yes, this question does amaze me a little to be honest.

Most people in our classes we’re very nervous and afraid before starting and you have seen how we let everyone progress at your own pace and help you out as much as possible.

We will do the exact same with this program.

2 – Is if for me?

If you are reading these emails then I can say it more than likely is for you.

If you want to get toned and challenge yourself while enjoying your training then I would like to think this program is for you.

3 – Will I enjoy it?

Again we don’t know this until you try it but I would like to think you will.

We don’t roar and shout in your face or any of that nonsense stuff so I would like to think you would enjoy it.

But that’s why we do a free trial first so you can check it out and see what you think.

All those programs are a matter of personal perference really.

Some people LOVE the big group classes and will never leave

Some people HATE the thought’s of the big classes and love the small groups.

Some headcases put Tomato sauce on their bread,

Whatever floats your boat!

4 – Will weights make me bulky?




5 – Is there always a trainer there?

One new client asked us this question about 3 times last week as I think she was afraid we we’re going to feed her to the lions after a few sessions…

But yes, there will always be a trainer there to take you through the session and show you exactly what to do.

6 – How many is in a session?

We aim to keep the sessions anywhere between 3-6 people per session and we do a good job of this.

Very rarely a session has more than that but it all runs smooth and you get that extra attention

7 – What is the workout like?

Again this is why we have started to offer a free trial session as it is hard to explain when you arn’t sure what weight training entails.

We have Booklets there showing you the exact workout for the whole year and you can jot down what you lifted and how you are getting on so you know then for next week.

8 – How much does it cost?

The Full 12 Week Get Lean Project is €480 upfront. This is for the small group sessions and unlimited classes.

Some people think that’s expensive but when you break it down anyone doing this program is doing 4 sessions a week between all most of the time which is 48 sessions in the 12 weeks, some people do 5 a week.

So that’s €10 a session, even 3 sessions a week (36 over 12 weeks) works out at just over €13 a session.

While you may be able to join a gym up the road for €180 for those 12 weeks or something like that,

How’s that worked out for people over the years?

Going in not having a baldy what to do and feeling to self conscious with all these people about to push yourself on,

Having to beg a trainer to come over to help you as they are too busy chatting up the newest young one in the door.

And when you look at the price of Personal Training we feel this is the best of both worlds to get the job done!

So I hope that little QnA helped to explain things a bit better and if you want to try it out shoot me a reply here or mention it to one of the trainers when you are in again.

And don’t forget,


Think Big And Kick Ass



One more question,

Does it work?

Well here’s a few results for ya to check out and we have LOADS more

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