She told me “YOUR emails put me off”

Feb 28th, 2019

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She told me “YOUR emails put me off”

The other day I rang up a lady about our 12 Week Get Lean Project after she had put her details into an FB Ad

She told me in no uncertain terms that:

“Too many emails, they put me off”

Aw shucks to that I thought and told her no problem and we both went on our merry ways!

As with anything in life, when in business you realise after a certain period of time that

no matter what you do you will never please everyone and there will always be someone complaining about something.

So we have to make a decision on what those complaints are going to be

And I decided that certain things I didn’t want to hear was:

I contacted Dutchy’s but no one got back to me

I contacted Dutchy’s and they weren’t very helpful

I went to Dutchy’s and they give you no support whatsoever

We know in our heart of hearts that anyone moaning that we didn’t give enough support is full of BS and obviously want us to do the workouts for them and eat their meals for them as there is only so much we can do

and is why I will finish off most private emails with

“Any questions be sure to let me know”

The reason we have started phone calls is that some emails go into Spam/ Promotions folders never to be seen again

and the main reason is,

A lot of people still have no idea what to expect and fear for their lives about going into any sort of Gym/ Bootcamp experience so they need a few questions answered to ease the nerves.

It has worked very well and a lot of these people come in for a 6 week program and stay for a very long time after that.

Now anyone that contacts us I try to get them on the phone as it is so much easier to chat and explain things than typing out things.

A 3rd reason is also that in this day and age of technology, Social Media and automation nobody wants to actually talk to people

So I feel this is another way for us to get an edge on the compeition,

For every 10 people I call (these people have put their details asking for more information, I’m not just randomly ringing people of course), 2 might be offended and think I’m a twat

6 will be so so and might come back in another time but at least 2 will be thankful for the call,try out a class and sign up

I’m happy enough with those odds.

You simply can’t be everything to everyone and we are here to help the people that ACTUALLY want to be helped, not the people that just want to talk about being helped.

As I said before about 1200-1300 people read any one of these emails and my goal is to get that up to 3000 by the end of this year.

3000 people around the Cavan/ Dundalk area reading these emails and hopefully finding them helpful in getting towards their fitness goals.

Again, there is around 60’000 people between the ages of 30- 55 in these 2 towns (according to Facebook) so again we are just looking to hit the small percentage of people that actually want to be helped.

I’m happy enough with those odds 🙂

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