Slimming World BS

Feb 28th, 2019

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Slimming World BS

So I’m not a “Slimming World Basher” as such and don’t really pass any remarks on everything going on around us

Focus on getting your own shop in order is always my thinking.

But some things just need to be said.

I seen a thing on the ole gram the other day, which reminds me, be sure to follow us @dutchysfitness


It was talking about people in Slimming World getting advised to NOT exercise as that will cause them to gain weight and NOT help them



Sometimes there just are no words!

As we have discussed when you start weight training you will create some Muscle Tissue and tighten up which is why your clothes get looser and you look better (Click here to find out what else Blows my Mind)

Unfortunately it is also this muscle tissue that keeps the scales the same, or may even add a little bit, and tends to piss a lot of people off

as they are obsessed with the scales.

But over time, talking 2- 3 months here not years and years of your life, you will start to tone up and you will lose the weight on the scales.

If you are exercising really well and the weight isn’t shifting there is one simple reason,

you are overeating!

I was also talking to a member later in the week and we we’re discussing how she left SW but then didn’t have a baldy what to eat and what was good, bad etc

Of course as a business model it’s a great idea and exactly why they do so well.

Make sure that everything people do relies on us and they have to keep coming back and stay in our cult of syns!

Instead of trying to educate people and help them out so they can make their own decisions and I don’t know

maybe actually be happy!

If you want to get your diet in order simply download the My Fitness Pal app and get using it,

Watch some Youtube or Tutorial videos or get someone to help you with it.

Start upping your Protein, track your calories and off you go.


O and speaking of food choices.

A member contacted me to ask me about why she has been feeling a bit gassy since improving her diet and that she can feel a bit embarrassed in class.

To be honest that can be perfectly normal and people react different ways, that’s why we keep the fans on throughout classes in the middle of winter!

I joke,

Seriously though, you just have to play it as you see it and try to notice if anything in particular disagrees with you.

Then you just have to ease off that stuff or maybe even quit it altogether.

There are tests you can take but the accuracy of them is still debatable so I wouldn’t be overly pushed on them either,

Just do some trial and error yourself and also understand that sometimes we all get a big gassy and such is life.

Here’s a little article you can read on it.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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