Exercising while pregnant

Mar 3rd, 2019

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Exercising while pregnant

First be aware that this is a long email but full of great info that I would like to think very beneficial to a lot of people, if it’s not for you then just be sure to check out the PS at the bottom of this email.

Also maybe not relevant at all to a lot of other people but I would greatly appreciate if you forwarded this email on to anyone you know who it might help.

I get asked a lot about exercising while pregnant so I decided to ask 2 clients that have exercised with us right throughout the pregnancy on their experiences.

DISCLAIMER: Let’s just be clear here, everyone is different so always consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

Our rules are that you have to play it as you see it and know your own body as to when to stop or go with easier alternatives.

Things to not do would be high intense things like Jumping and sprinting and things like that.

And also don’t take up anything new or just start exercising while pregnant.

But there is still loads you can do and that’s what we will discuss here.

I sent some questions onto the 2 Ladies and here’s what they came with:

Client 1

What exercises did you find you could do?

Could do the majority of exercises, just did all at a more slower pace. As bump got bigger certain exercises got more awkward to do. Dumbells and kettlebells were also fine just went lighter with weight and did whatever I felt comfortable with. Could even do the boxercise

What exercises did you find you could NOT do?

Core exercises I.e. Russian twists, sit ups and anything that really Ups the heart rate so instead of jump squats did just normal squats, jumping jacks instead of burpees etc. Also didn’t do anything that involved lying on my stomach or anything that meant had to do overhead to avoid over stretching. For any exercises there was no easier variation for I just did the plank or bird dog

Did you find exercise helped you throughout the pregnancy?

Yes definitely! Never exercised before my 1st pregnancy and I was tired for most of it. Had a lot more energy and no tiredness during my 2nd one when I was exercising and felt great. It even really helped during the labor process

Was it hard to get back into exercise AFTER pregnancy?

Was mad to get back at it, waited 6 weeks and got all clear from doctor to start back. Took it handy for first few weeks and didn’t over stretch and did easier variations on all the exercises to build myself back up gradually

Client 2

So yeah I trained up to 39 weeks. I went a week early. I asked the midwives and they said that if I feel fine keep going. I knew my limits anyway. They said that exercise helps with pregnancy and labour. So I could do most exercises. In the last 2 – 3 months, I dropped a couple of Kg weightwise. I was able to do sit ups, weights, kettlebells, runs, jumping jacks, glute bridges (they’re very good to do for pelvic floor so they say!) There could be more but nothing else stands out to me. The first exercise that I stopped doing was press-ups (not that I could do them properly anyway!) After that I eased off jump squats and burpees. At around 7 months the plank got more difficult so I stopped it then and just done the bird dog things then. It definitely helped throughout the pregnancy and without a doubt in labour.

Most of my labour was at home and I was able to cope relatively well before I eventually made it to the hospital. (kinda) I didn’t find it hard to get back as I had a natural birth with no epidural or c-section. I was back after 2 weeks. I didn’t do jump squats for a while and I found it very hard to do a pushup without going to my knees – was never any use at them anyway but then hadn’t done in so long!. Other advise would be just to do what you feel you can. If you need to rest, rest. When I began to feel any pressure below the bump that’s when I began to ease back on certain exercises like the plank. At about 8 months I dropped back to maybe 2 classes a week sometimes one if I felt any tenderness.

Oh and another piece of advice – do your pelvic floor exercises. I was told this over and over again and I figured once I was exercising it would be covered. Going to classes and doing a glute bridges here and there didn’t cut it. I’m paying for it now still – it’s so bloody important! If I could go back I would do that again. A lot of girls I know got that pelvic girdle pain and couldn’t do any exercise as it was too hard on their back and hips. I was just lucky it never affected me.

It was just by luck I think that I had such a smooth pregnancy – but after it was over the midwives said it was the exercise that stood to me. Hope that covers everything!
Oh and they said that if you’re used to those type of exercises fire ahead but if you’re not don’t take anything new up.

So that’s possibly the longest email I have ever sent out so if you have read this far then I hope it has helped,

Be sure to let me know if it has!

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