I’ve said it before and Clients say it for me again

Mar 3rd, 2019

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I’ve said it before and Clients say it for me again

I’ve said on countless occasions that pretty much all your fitness goals start with getting stronger

When people hear that they think of gut bursting weight sessions where your lifting weights and it looks like you are about to pop a blood vessel.

But no,

It simply means getting a bit stronger.

If you are in any of the following groups then it is very easy to get stronger:

– The most exercise you have ever done is walking

– You have played some sports over the years (Click here to find out about the post sport slump)

– Any exercise you have done has been solely cardio such as running, dancing etc

– You have been to the gym and done the treadmill etc and then went round all the fixed machines pushing a bit of this and a bit of that

Unfortunately about 90% of the population fall into these 3categories.

Which means all you need is to be doing some Squats, Lunges, Push -ups of any variations etc combined with some core work and a solid diet to make very good progress.

Just like this new member:

Hi Darragh,

I was part of the first group in the new centre in Dundalk. I have heard so many good things about your classes, so when I heard you were coming to Dundalk I knew I had to give your classes a go. I am quite an active person and I enjoy exercising both for fitness and for mindset, however I noticed in recent times that I had lost the enthusiasm and the motivation to push further with myfitness.

When I made the decision to sign up to your classes for the introductory 6 week programme, I had also signed up to do a half marathon in February, which would mean that my training would have to happen concurrently. At the time perhaps, I hadn’tfully considered the commitment needed for both on a weekly basis. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I instead embraced my training schedule and come rain hail or sunshine I was out running or attending classes in Dutchys. To my surprise,rather than becoming tired and worn out, my mind set became more focused and motivated.

The classes are fantastic, I loved training among people of all age groups and all abilities with instructors who are encouraging and supportive. The classes incorporate the right amount of cardio vs strength and conditioning to challenge and motivate everyone. Within a short space of time, I began to feel stronger and fitter, I felt more energetic andmore strength in my legs to run further and at a quicker pace. On the day of the half marathon I ran across the finish line 15 mins quicker than the last half marathon I ran, last Summer. I have no doubt that my training in Dutchys contributed to this and I know understand the benefits of both cardio and strength and conditioning training for full body fitness.

Thanks so much for the brilliant classes, unfortunately I didn’t complete my last week in Dutchys as I was sick and didn’t feel up to training that week. I will definitely be returning to classes soon! Keep up the great work guys!

a whopping 15 minutes off their running time.

Can’t get much better than that.

So hopefully that will give you some extra motivation to stay on track this weekend.

I should have another action packed weekend between Gaelic and Soccer and hopefully can keep getting through them ok.

Better call upto Ma with a card and a hug at some stage as well 🙂

Remember it is very important to not let every weekend set you back.

If there is nothing major on then try to keep your diet solid and get some exercise in,

you will find it’s not as hard as people make out and you can still have a few drinks or a dinner out!

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