When I lost my Virginity

Mar 3rd, 2019

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When I lost my Virginity

Yes it finally happened

I’ve been trying my best for weeks with A LOT of failures

and a lot of mistakes

But on Friday I swam my first full length of the pool and popped my swimming virginity.

I had to play it all cool so not to look like a loser but there was a definite fist pump type moment in my head.

I also got back in Saturday morning and did another 6 full lengths.

Of course these are not in a row, it’s a do one, take a breather

then do another one type job

but I’m well chuffed about it!

If you can swim well you are probably thinking

“What a sad act, getting all pumped up cause he swam a couple of lengths”

and maybe that’s true, but words can’t describe just how bad I was in the water my whole life and while it has got a little better over the years from going into the water, it was still pretty shocking.

So bad in fact I had a “little moment” about a month ago where I tried to start at the deep end and swim out to at least half way.

I always did it close to the wall so if it went pear shaped I could hold on there and then jump out

But this time there was a few children playing by the wall and after waiting a few minutes it looked like they weren’t moving any time soon.

So genius here decided to “Man The Fudge Up” and go to the middle of the pool.

And of course I had done no more than a stroke or 2 until it all went horribly wrong and I lost my rhythm altogether

and so

totally panicked!

All I knew was I had to get a few yards up the pool to a more shallow area where I could breath normally again,

But for a good 10 seconds I was flapping about like a lunatic and instead of taking a breath at the right moment I was taking in water.

All the lifeguards we’re up the other side getting ready for lessons with children but 1 of them seen me just at the last minute as I got myself together but man it was embarrassing.


The main lesson I have learnt from that and from recent business activities I have been doing.

The thing that has impacted my swimming the most and made me improve a lot in a short space of time?

Getting a Coach

It’s made all the difference and I would be nowhere near where I am at the minute if I hadn’t of done so. (Click here to find out How Quantity leads to Quality)

And it’s made me think of every other area of my life and business.

We are always so afraid in investing in these things yet we will throw €500 down the drain on some material BS that serves very little purpose at all.

Richard (my swimming coach) has been great and always pushing me on a little bit every week and making me do stuff I didn’t want to do

Because he knew I was just being a pussy and needed a good boot in the arse.

As much as I have enjoyed it there have been some days I wasn’t in the mood for it at all and only he was there and I had the session booked I would have done very little

But then I’d feel great for it after.

It has just made me think about our clients and how nervous people can be when starting out and also about the service we provide. (Click here to read about one of our clients)

If you think you can just do it on your own you are making life SO much harder for yourself and making your progress so much slower.

A good coach that knows their stuff (Granted there are muppets out there that you want to stay clear of) will be able to give you little pointers here and there of things you will never even think of.

So at the minute I have 4 coaches that I have paid for.

A Facebook Ads coach to make sure we are doing that right and getting people in the door

An email coach as I want to up my game on that

And I do 30 minutes every day on Grant Cardone’s Cardone U

and of course my swim coach.

On top of all that for my weight’s sessions I have been going to our Platinum sessions as there is a coach there as well and other people to push me on!


I realise this email has been a bit self proclaiming or what have you but it’s just to try to make the point that maybe all is not lost in whatever area of life you feel you are struggling in

Just getting some help can make all the difference!

O and just 2 points to note before you go,

For our toy collection TONIGHT is the last chance to drop anything into the Cavan facility as they are being collected and WEDNESDAY is the last day for Dundalk so be sure to get all in ASAP and we greatly appreciate it.


Friday’s email about The 12 Week Get Lean Project went great and we have a good few people trying it out this week.

So this is officially your LAST CHANCE to hit me up and do a trial session as 95% of people are staying on in the new year and with the few new people coming in I can’t imagine there will be much space.

And remember that this is our last full week before Xmas so let’s leave the partying off for all of 5 days and get a good weeks training in.


Think Big And Kick Ass




If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and haven’t been in with us before or for over a year,

Then today is the day to get started on our 6 Week program and we can get you on the right path to feeling your absolute best.

We even have a little Xmas Special for the first 7 people that sign up between now and Xmas so check it out 🙂

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If you have been doing things well but now want to take things to another level then it’s time to check out our 12 Week Get Lean Project.

This involves small group training of 4-6 people so you get loads more personal attention and the workouts are also COMPLETELY different than the classes,

but this program will take your results on another level from where you are now.

If you want to get going on this program in the New Year then reply to me ASAP that you are interested and I will get back with times and what suits.

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