I was done 20 minutes ago

Men Training at Cavan Gym

The other day I was taking a few guys through a tough session

they we’re near done with this set but had more to do after so I asked

Are you’s done

To which one joked

I was done 20 minutes ago

As in the knackered I can’t do anymore Done

The session was tough so I decided I would do it myself later on in the day

And I knew all about it myself but the fact that I had put the members through it earlier meant that I had to get through it

and not only get through it but also get through it on the same times and weights that they had

But only for that I probably would of gave myself some dumbass excuse to ease off on it

Later that day I later had a call with another new member who said

I enjoy the classes,

I find I don’t have the motivation to get much done in the gym on my own

Which is a super common issue we all face

people tell me this on the regular as if nearly putting themselves down or being hard on themselves

It’s the very reason I will play some level of football for as long as I can 

When I finish with the senior team (which probably won’t be that far away) I hope to mix some B football and soccer for a few years before coaching Dutchy juniors team and recking his head

Because there is not a hope in hell I would go out for a run for 60-90 minutes and get cardio in like that on my own

Especially with our weather as soon as you look out the window you get put off

But if you have training or a match then you have training or a match and you go out and get on with it

^^^^^^^ And you just get it done

And that’s also why weight training is better when done in small groups and helps you to push yourself on

It’s the basic principle of teamwork and competitive spirit coming together 

and why proper structured workouts will always trump training on your own

jus saying is all

In other news,

We have vouchers in both facilities for Santy

So you can buy any of these programs for a loved one using the vouchers:

6 Weeks €99 (New Members only or people who haven’t been in for over a year)

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12 Week Get Lean Project €480

6 Months of unlimited classes €360

or of course you could forward this email onto someone in your life as an ever so subtle hint in the right direction 

so if any of those suit you or someone in your life then just hit me up ASAP

Second thing,

You can do a WEEK’S FREE training in our Platinum/ Get Lean training next week or the week after in the run up to xmas

This is for people who haven’t done any sessions in this before to see if it’s something you will like to do come January or at some stage in the New Year

It’s our small group Personal Training so you get the best of both worlds

The attention and detail of personal training

but also a bit of atmosphere and banter in a group

So just hit me up we will arrange a time that suits you in that

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you’re ready,

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