Gym party

Ever notice on so many things posted on Social Media where it says the exact price and/ or location of the item and the first question asked is

How much is this?


Where is this on?

I mean


^^^^^^^ How dopey can you be?

Call me cranky but we have noticed with our Facebook Ads over the years that pretty much no one



That comments on the ads asking questions about price, times etc

Ever signs up

Yep, ever

Maybe 1 or 2 have but the percentage is ridiculously low

What that means I have no idea <<<<<<

But for me it shows the difference between talking and doing

Talking about doing something and letting on you are into it

Compared to the people that keep their head down, mouth shut

and just do it

And the “Willing Victim” looking for attention about doing something and never actually biting the bullet to make a change in their lives

Like when sitting in a work staff room/ canteen listening to ones raving on about weight loss

while stuffing their faces with chocolates having no idea they have just buried 600-700 calories in 10 minutes

Maybe that’s a little harsh but that’s just my humble, yet accurate, opinion

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