Stack These

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Last year I did a little personal development course

It was interesting and I found it good but didn’t feel I really needed anything more from it than what I got or to progress to the next course

When looking at these courses and reading books etc you do find that a lot of the people are really all over the shop to begin with

Highly stressed

Worrying about impressing someone (Mother, father, friends etc)

Getting little to no sleep

Little to no exercise

and diet is all over the shop

And I’m very lucky that I’m doing alright on those things ( can always do better of course but never going to be perfect) and happy with my lot at the minute and don’t feel any urgency to change anything

Reading all those personal development books over the years has probably stood to me in terms of trying to look after my mental health as well

and one thing that comes up constantly

is our negative thought’s

and more importantly that we are all wired this way

it’s just simply in our DNA to put ourselves down and have these stupid little petty/ jealous moments where we like to put others down as well

and when you realise that it makes it easier to “Course correct” yourself and say

sometimes “I’m being a gobshite here, I need to stop this”

What it also means is that you need to make a CONSCIOUS effort to flip things over to a more positive mind frame

And a great way to do this when you are feeling down is to

Stack The Win’s

^^^^^ Yep, make a list and stack them

Compared to what we usually do which is

Stack The Loses

and it’s ingrained in our mentality

It’s not our fault

We are simply wired that way

But we do need to check ourselves and try to re wire our thinking a little bit more

I’ve stopped and started this numerous times but it’s really good for when going through those times you are struggling

Maybe a few mental week’s of work or personal issues that you just have to grind out and get through

It really helps to STACK THE WINS each day and get your mind frame right and ready for battle

Not in a happy clappy BS way

But genuinely count how good we have it

Because when you look back on what people have had to endure over the past 100’s of years and you look at so many countries in the world at the minute that are run by corruption

and war

Those loads of wins to be stacked

Even when your 14 day old son refuses to go to sleep at 2:30am on a Saturday night 🙂

So get stacking

and always remember

Think Big And Kick Ass



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