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The 12 Week Get Lean Project is our top program and ideal for people that are really serious about getting in shape.

​In the Small Group Personal Training sessions (3-6 people in any group) there will always be a trainer there to take you through the session.

​You also get UNLIMITED access to our group training and we will guide you on PERSONALISED Nutrition to help you each step.

​With the help of our personal trainers, you can plan a fitness schedule and accomplish your workout routines! Transform your body and share a success story!

Baby Steps or Complete Change?

Our 12-Week Get Lean Project grants you access to small group personal training sessions. Most of our fitness sessions have 2-4 people – with a limit of 6 persons per session. This program is more cost-effective for people that have flexible schedules.
In all our sessions, our trainers will be there to guide you through the session. Additionally, you get access to any group training you wish to attend.
Fitness should be fun, and with our program, it definitely is! You’ll make great friends while getting in shape and learning how to stay healthy for the long term. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

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About The Fitness Classes at Dutchy’s

All our small group PT sessions (12 Week Get Lean Project) are 60 minutes long. We have small groups of 3- 6 people, so you get the attention of PT but all the benefits of working in a group environment. There is always a bit of chat and banter in the sessions. We have multiple times available, so you can still book in, no matter how your day changes. You simply book in on the app.

In these sessions, you will do more weight training and have a coach to ensure you nail your technique as you go. The coach will also be able to advise you on what to lift to make sure you are working at a level that suits you and advise you on any alternative exercises if needs be. In a small group, you will understand why you are doing things and get great techniques to avoid injuries in the future.

Training this way will help you get the Lean & Toned look everyone aspires to, without adding the “Big Muscles” everyone worries about. We also provide 1-2-1 check-ins on your diet to keep you on track. With each passing week, you will feel like you can do a little more, and soon you will notice significant progress in your fitness levels and fat loss. We always encourage people to ask questions if they have any issues, and we will always be able to help out.


Be able to enjoy your beach and pool holidays without feeling self conscious.
We will educate you on a personalized nutrition program so you can still eat the foods you love.
Be way more leaner and more toned that people will be complimenting you on the noticeable differences.
You will receive a Booklet with the program on it to make notes as you go and you will learn how to train correctly.
Fit better into all your clothes.
Sleep better at night.

Train With The Best

We are prepared to help you on your fitness journey. You can count on our service and knowledge to guide you into a new way of living. With dedication and time, you will see your expected outcomes.