Karen doesn’t track fruit, don’t be like Karen

I’ve always said there’s nobody out there carrying lots of excess weight from eating too much fruit.

And I still very much stand by that.


And this is where the fitness game gets interesting and no matter how many articles you read or free videos you watch.

It’s always best getting 1-2-1 attention to see what is really needed for YOU.

Because we will all get so far following the basics and can do great but for that extra edge you need the extra bit of support.

As Lorraine was chatting to 2 members last week who are now tracking their calories and thought it was ok to not track Fruit.


We’ll call them Karen as Karen seems to be very unpopular in the media these days.

Luckily she got them on the straight and narrow.

While fruit has lots of healthy nutrients and vitamins it also has calories just like anything else.

So if you are eating lots of it thinking it’s “Healthy” so therefore it’s ok.

Then that plan will back fire. <<<< Like so many “Healthy” options where calories arn’t tracked

And unfortunately that’s the type of stuff a lot of people do and drastically stall their progress, even when they are trying their best and feel that they are doing everything right.

These are the little details that make a massive difference in the long run.

If you have been following Lorraine’s calorie comparison posts on social media you will have started to realise this.

A few hundred calories here and there make all the difference when you are looking to shift those last few pounds.

We encourage everyone to start looking at their diet approach in this way so that you can decide for yourself what’s needed for your goals.

Doing this over a consistent period of time is what will allow you to tone up and get much leaner.

^^^^ Read again, CONSISTENCY

Which takes me to the big opening next week.

With gyms being given the proper go ahead we will be re opening our 12 Week Get Lean Project.

This is groups of 3-6 people, so you get the coaching of Personal training but also a bit of craic and atmosphere from the group.

If you have never done weight training before then this is something you have NEVER done before.

And if you have done a “bit of this and that” in the gym without any instruction then I can also guarantee you have never done anything like this before.

So if you are looking for something a bit more personal and that little bit extra after the long lay off then this could be for you.

We will also help you 1-2-1 with your diet so you don’t make any of those small mistakes that are causing a MASSIVE slow down on your progress.

Just reply to this email with “Private Coaching” and I will get you all the details.

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you’re ready,

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