87kgs is edging nearer

Gym Cavan 3

After meeting 2 of the Gaelic lads yesterday for hill sprints I realised I’m not alone in this and it could be happening to a lot of people

One of the lads mentioned that he is close to hitting 79kgs for the first time in his life 

For the past few years I have hung about the 85kg mark

When taking a lot of classes and/ or playing football I might come down to 84kg

When there’s no football and/ or not many sessions being took I might creep up to the low 86kgs

But I can never remember a time when I hit 87kgs

and the past few days this week I have been on the brink of it

^^^^^ Scary

So I was having a moan with Lorraine and decided to make some changes

When taking sessions or playing football my steps could be anywhere from 15000- 30000 or more 

and obviously you have the high intensity of the football as well in there

so then on my days off hitting 10000 steps is just to keep me moving

whereas now I’m not getting those really big activity days (even though I’m working out 6 days a week) so I’ll have to balance it out someway

One way is to get closer to 15’000 with my steps

If this weather stays good that will be much easier as I have stuff to do outside

The other is too watch my calories

Over the Easter wkend motivation hit a bit of a low as “normality” seems as far away as ever 

Going by social media I don’t think I was alone in this

So after the beers on Saturday and the extra chocolate over the wkend I am hanging perilously over the cliff of 87kgs

It will be an anxious step on the scales for the next few weeks now 

Not that it will be the end of the world either but it’s definitely a little kick to have some manners

So yesterday morning I got up I was 85.8kgs so my work has helped so far and I might keep doing that until I have a 84kg morning

Now you may be think

“But Dutchy, you guys always go on about how the scales don’t matter and we shouldn’t stress over them”

and that is still correct

I’m far from stressing

I just know I need to give myself a kick in the arse

And when other lads are noticing it happening to them then it’s important that people realise they arn’t the only one

and it’s also important to realise that this “Keeping fit and in shape” game is full of highs and lows

we all go through them and adjust things on the fly

So I hope you are training away and not hitting “Historic Highs” like myself

But if you need any help or want to join our at home workouts just shoot me a message here

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