Do You Make These Mistakes In English??

Gym Dundalk 3

Little amusing story for you

Which I’m sure won’t surprise you

Anytime we run ads for our programs we ask for peoples phone numbers and email addresses and explain that this is how we will be following up with them

Of course, most people appreciate this and then decide if the course is for them or not

No problem so far

But there’s always one that has a reply along the lines of

I didn’t do that, how did you get my number?

Don’t call me again

Which would make you wonder if they understand plain English or can read

and we’re not talking about people that have just arrived here from foreign lands

This is people that are born and reared in Ireland

So Yes,<<<<<<<

some people really are that stupid

There are just no words for that kind of behavior and we are perfectly happy to turn them away from our programs

If they put their details in for more info and then vehemently deny doing so less than 24 hours later

I can only imagine what they would be like when you are trying to explain exercises to them

Or god forbid

Having to listen to their lies regarding their diet when they say it is “very good” but they still haven’t made any progress in 4-6 weeks

and of course it’s all our fault

^^^^^ I mean, who else could be to blame other than my trainer

It must be great to trudge through life never taking any responsibility for anything


If you are the type of person who can remember what they did 24 hours ago

Then I hope you are looking after your health throughout all this

Both physical and mental

So don’t forget we are still doing our live home workouts and last night we did a stretch session at 5pm that went down great again

But if thats not for you and we can help in some other way just give us a shout ASAP

Think Big And Kick Ass



Looks like no gym will be opening for another 4 Week AT LEAST

So if you would like to join our home workout program just reply to this message with “I’m In” and I will get you all the details