Cavan Personal Trainer on Why You Are So Stiff

Personal training at Dutchys Dundalk Gym

Here’s a question we get A LOT and I received again this week

Darragh, I am in SO MUCH pain from my first session, what can I do, I can’t go back?

And believe it or not

I get

I so get it

and everyone who has ever exercised in their life gets it

But here’s the thing

If you have done diddly squat for 3 months up to 10 years or more

Then there is very little you can do about it. And some times in life you just have to go through these things to get to the other side

^^^^^^ Yep

That’s where you ask yourself the key question to anything in life

Is the Pain/ Sacrifice worth the effort?

Is the pains now worth improving your health long term

Is the pain of pulling all nighters and studying for weeks/ months on end worth the result in the exam

Is the pain of not buying whatever you want when you want it worth the result of being able to afford to buy a house or pay for your childs college fees etc

and the list goes on but you get the drift and the answer is usually

Hell Yeah

Now in an ideal world everyone would do a few weeks Personal Training so the sessions would be tailored EXACTLY to their level and they can build up from there but there are many reasons why that can’t be the case

and that doesn’t even work as I have had clients where I have done so little they have walked out the door looking at me to say

“I’m paying you €X for that?? Sure we done nothing?”

So I have had to explain to them that it’s enough for today and lo and behold

they come back the next day telling me how sore they wore so I get to play the old told ya so card.

So long story short,

There is very little that can be done for real stiffness and soreness other than to take it super easy your first few sessions and never go more than 2 weeks without exercising again

It’s also important to remember that even “fit” people still get stiff from time to time and I still get stiffness

Recovery is actually a very big industry in itself and point of debate now among serious fitness people about how to recover right.

I also sometimes over do it in my workouts and can feel like a bus hit me that night which happened me just the other day when I tried to act the young buck and hit better numbers on the Concept 2 rower

But if you do a lot of training and need to improve your recovery and not be so stiff then here’s what you can do:

– recovery/ compression pants or pyjamas – I first tested these out after doing a heavy leg session and then sitting in a car for 4 hours driving to Cork.

Even had 2/3 beers that evening and my legs we’re fresh as a button the next day when normally would be a bit stiff/ sore so I think these work.

– Creatine – I have been taking it every single day since last November and it has definately helped me have more energy for next days session and not be so fatigued 

– Ice baths – These are well known this long time so try to get into them after a session at least once a week. After Sunday morning trainings when not in a rush can work well to go home and fire a bag of ice into a cold bath and get in for 12 minutes

– Active Recovery/ Pool – This is why I have been keeping up my once a week Swimming lesson. It’s great to loosen out and the water helps to relax the muscles

I think all the above help and are worth doing and then just hope for a bit of luck on the injury front.

But if you are going from 0 activity and you consider walking a workout

Then you just have to apply the info I mentioned above

In other news,

In the 12 Week Get Lean Project the Cavan mornings are now FULL at 6AM and 7AM with 2/3 spots at 10AM so we now have a few spots in the evenings we are trying to fill by the 16th

For Dundalk there are a few spots in each time slot but again, people are coming back from holidays etc so most spots will get busier

While your chance for the free trial on the 12 Week Get Lean Project is now gone be sure to note that all will be launched for the 16th of September for 6 Week, 12 Week and over 50’s programs.

And given the time of the year I’m sure we will fill up so if you want to nab your spot early be sure to reply to this email and let me know…..

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