Dundalk Personal Trainer Pregnancy Gym Workout

Personal training at Dutchys Cavan Gym

Little video from my Leg session this morning at nearly 22 weeks pregnant ??️‍♀️.

✔Barbell front foot elevated split squat.

✔Barbell back squat.

✔Banded Dumbbell Hip thrust.

I will continue with weight training throughout my pregnancy for as long as I can for many reasons:

Firstly, I’ve been training in the gym for close to 10 years, so why stop just because I’m pregnant.

I actually enjoy working out and it makes me feel good??.

Just because I choose to exercise during my pregnancy, doesn’t mean every pregnant woman should exercise during their pregnancy.

If you are currently pregnant make sure you get cleared by your DOC/OB/MIDWIFE before performing exercise.

Every pregnancy is different, so don’t compare yourself to others.

Below are some of the stats from research conducted over the years.

Remember these are actual facts from scientific papers of studies that have been carried out on pregnant women ???.

✔Improved weight management during pregnancy and post-partum.

✔Reduced risk of gestational diabetes.

✔Reduced lower back pain.

✔Decreased risk of preeclampsia.

✔Easier labour.

✔Better psychological well-being, with a reduced risk of post-natal depression.

To see the full video check it out here