Chasing Big Ugly Babies


As a new parent I can now see how cartoons are the greatest invention EVER.

Jamie is starting to get into Baby Bums and man is it great to keep him entertained.

He sees these big headed babies running about and then his little arms and legs are going 100 miles an hour as if he is trying to chase after them.

so it’s great that way.

Of course then you just have to be careful not to get into “Lazy parenting” and have him sat there all day.

We are really lucky throughout all this that he is so young and can spend good time with him. I can only imagine a house of 3-4 lively children or teenagers.

Good luck with that…

So it’s a different challenge balancing parenting and getting stuff done compared to when you are single.

Managing time becomes so much more important and when working you really need to “Work” and not be messing about.

Which is easier said than done of course and doesn’t always go to plan if your head space is somewhere else.

The key point to remember is that everyone’s situation is different which is why it’s always dangerous to compare ourselves to others. Like the famous Mark Twain quote:

Comparison is the Death of joy

When you see someone’s business kicking ass you have ZERO idea of how it is actually going behind the scene’s,

or if daddy has ploughed a heap of money into it.

When you see other’s getting down to a certain weight or being able to lift a certain weight,

Fair play to them but you have no idea the effort and sacrifices they made to do that.

I use to look at people who read loads and be mad at myself for not getting more done.

While I could improve a it a bit, but if I was sitting reading for 2 hours every day instead of working, working out, helping with Jamie or doing my bits about the house

There’s a good chance Lorraine might pop a pan off me head

So it’s important to remember these things and ask yourself how much do you REALLY want something and sometimes it’s ok to say: 

You know what,

I don’t really want it that badly

Which is why we all start things with great intentions, then realise how much work goes into it and then back off.

That’s why it’s important to look at the bigger picture and pick your goals clearly…

so you don’t end up in places you don’t want to be.

Like the stories of “successful” people with the money, cars and houses but work flat out and have nothing outside of material possessions.

NOTE: Not that these things are bad of course or mean you can’t have all them and still have a great family life,

as discussed in last weeks email about time management.

Or you get super thin so you have hit your goal but have no strength or energy.

If you feel you need someone to bounce ideas off during these tough times be sure to feel free to shoot me an email…

I can’t promise I can help but I will try my best.

O and before I leave you.

Think Big And Kick Ass



Our Free Live workout on Saturday went great.

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