Want To Be A Fitness Model?

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Confession time!

and this is pretty cringe bomb so hold tight…

Back about 10 odd years ago I took the notion of competing in the Men’s Health cover model competition…


I know what you’re thinking…

but I was young and enthusiastic!

In fairness, I would have been right lean and all that but definitely too thin for it.

One of the lads I was working with was going onto me that I should go for it so I did.

Looking back it was probably a bit of a wind up from him so that’s why I went for it without telling him or anyone else.

I sent my pics and never heard back,

They were probably too busy laughing at this skinny Irish runt.

They were probably too busy laughing at this skinny Irish runt.

In a few years, they might be looking for an over 40’s bracket.

But it got me to thinking about goal setting in general and how we can be afraid of aiming overly high cause of other people or our past failures.

The important thing to remember is that goals don’t always have to be reached.

They can be simply used as something to aim for, give us focus and push us on.

^^^ Yep 

If you set the goal to lose X pounds but fall slightly short then you are still better off than if you had set no goal at all

If you set the goal of doing X amount of push-ups or pull-ups in a set time frame but just miss it

I could guarantee that you are now capable of doing more pull-ups/ push-ups than you could when you started that goal.

The other alternative is even worse…

Set goals so small that hitting them doesn’t really give you that buzz at all or make you much better off.

The author of the book I spoke about Wednesday (Craig Ballantyne) has a trick where he gets clients to write 5 MASSIVE, ideal scenario type goals down each day.

Just to get people thinking bigger and not running themselves down all the time.

So I know this might sound all be a little “Guru think happy thoughts” etc but it really isn’t…

and we will need to do something to battle the current negativity which I think is only going to get worse when we go back to normal.

It will be like reviewing the carnage of a hurricane or tornado, you won’t really know until afterward,

so someone is going to have to bring some positivity to the thing!

Think Big And Kick Ass




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