How to have it all

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So you will be delighted to hear I’m back down to 85.6kgs

I know…


That’s the good news

The bad news is I tried a Pull up contest yesterday (100 pull ups in shortest time and sets possible) and got my ass kicked by one of the trainers

My pull ups are usually solid but they are one exercise that if you ease off on they don’t be long going on you

and with all these live workouts and going for a few runs my pull ups have taken a back seat so that has to be got in check

But it’s not the end of the world and shows why it’s always good to challenge yourself just to keep yourself honest and be able to enjoy the ride as you go

It also goes to show how difficult it is to have it all, but I am working on trying to get as close to that as possible

Which takes me to Craig Ballantynes book

The Perfect Week Formula

I’ve just started to re read it to help get it into my head and it’s only 200 odd pages

Have a feeling when this is all over my time management skills are going to be tested to the limit as we hope to keep the 2 gyms going

Hopefully not be as bad as all that but sur who knows

I’m trying not to think of it all too much until Leo makes some announcements and we know what we are dealing with

I’m trying not to think of it all too much until Leo makes some announcements and we know what we are dealing with

The book is aimed at self employed people but there are still loads of little nuggets of info in the book so I would highly recommend it for anyone who finds time a constant battle

Along with various stories of people who “have it all” in terms of successful careersand all the material things such as cars and the big house etc

He also talks about how so many of these people are miserable as they have little to no family time and can’t look after their health

And that’s where the time management parts come in to put these things FIRST and then work the business around that

Whereas we tend to put work first and squeeze whatever family/ chill/ personal time in that we can around that

One really good point he uses is finding your “Magic Time” when you get your best and most creative work done

For me this is usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night

When there’s no distractions at home or on WhatsApp 

and as Jamie gets older and running about I would imagine getting much done will be next to impossible

so could be best to just forget about it and enjoy the craic with him and find some “Magic Time” when he is in bed either in the morning or evening

If this is done right people can get more work done in that 90 minutes to 2 hours than most people get done in 4-5 hours.

He has lots of stories of people in the book being VERY successful in their careers but still finding the time for their family and fun stuff

Sure isn’t easy and is a constant battle but it can be done

This is a MASSIVE mindset shift that I talked about a little in the video I put on Instagram about time management

We all love to pat ourselves on the back about how busy we are

When we could probably get just as much done in half the time if we focused ourselves right

And there are numerous studies to back this up that talk about how our focus can only last so long and he covers this in the book!

So that’s all I have for today

A little book recommendation for you readers out there and hopefully some helpful time tips

Think Big And Kick Ass



Don’t forget we have our LIVE HOME Workout later this morning at 9:30am

This has been going really well so if you would like to join us on that just reply to this email with “I’m In” and I’ll get you all the info